Fri 21st Dec 2007

SVG Green Party adapting and planning for climate change in SVG

The message from international scientists on climate change for the Caribbean is grim. Rising sea levels will damage our beaches and adversely affect marine life. There will be long periods of drought coupled with rising high temperatures, higher and more intense than we have experienced before. This will have a devastating impact on agriculture and pose a serious threat to our food security. 'The SVG Green party's message is 'it is imperative that we plan and adapt for climate change in SVG'.

SVG Green Party is a blessing. It is leading the way in recognising and planning for climate change in SVG. In 2008, the socially conscious SVG Green Party will take the wicked and short-sighted ULP regime to the High court, to stop the construction of the cross country road in order to protect and preserve our precious watersheds that provide our high quality drinking water. The Electricity Act 1973 prohibits the development of the middle section of the cross country road. In a world facing climate change and global scarcity, SVG will need to rely on its own watersheds solely, as reliance on rooftop collection of rainwater will not be an option.

Dependency on mass tourism by the weak leadership of the ULP regime for developing SVG's economy is 1930s thinking. The SVG Green Party strongly opposes mass tourism in SVG. Mass tourism increases the demand for food, water and electricity and climate change reduces the availability of food, water and electricity. SVG would be on an unavoidable collision course of immense social deprivation and environmental degradation. The sustainable approach is to have limited tourism as a complement to other components in the economy. The ULP regime is just plain backward in their thinking.

SVG Green party strongly opposes the dependence on burning oil for electricity production. The emissions from chimneys cause localised unhealthy pollution. Presently oil is burned continuously. We are confident that renewable energy has a major role in producing a cleaner environment in SVG and cheaper electricity. More importantly, there is no limit to renewable energy.

The ULP leadership is averse to adapting to climate change. For example, to date they have not completed an environmental impact study for the obsolete Argyle airport. The SVG Green Party strongly believes that we should plan and adapt for climate change for the best interests of future generations in SVG. We have to be mindful of climate change in our social and economic development, in order to prevent environmental disasters such as the cross country road.

Let the recent 7.3 earthquake be a reminder to all of us that we have to take climate change seriously. SVG's soils are of a run-off nature, therefore we cannot dig wells as a means of obtaining drinking water. We do not have the energy capacity for desalination of sea water. Agricultural lands risk becoming too dry to produce food. The shortage of drinking water and no rainfall will cause devastation to health and the economy.

If we are complacent about climate change as the incompetent ULP regime is, it can lead to social unrest where people have no money, no food, no water and no hope.

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