Fri 22nd Aug 2008

Is SVG becoming a diplomatic surrogate in the Caribbean for Venezuela and Iran?

The citizens and residents of SVG at home and abroad are asked to heed the call of the socially conscious SVG Green Party to wake up and take note. We need to look seriously at the price of prostituting SVG for short-term party and personal political gains by this ULP regime. If our country's sovereignty is to command respect internationally, we have to be mindful of who we hold ties with.

The questionable agenda of Iran and Venezuela of wanting to defy the USA's military might would be too deep an abyss for our country and the Vincentian people to become embroiled in. The social and environmental fall out from this scenario would be irreparable and impossible to clean up. The SVG Green Party is saying that the environmental and social cost from the Argyle military airport will never justify its existence.

Iran's oil wealth can be a big influence on the incompetent ULP Regime who is having great difficulty in moving SVG economy forward. We must not forget that Iran is seeking to become a nuclear power in the Middle East and is on the prowl for new diplomatic fodder to support its cause internationally. This so-called diplomatic tie with Iran at this time is counter productive to our close historic ties with the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada. Remittances from these places have been a major contribution to the overall development of SVG for the past sixty years.

For the ULP regime to seriously compromise or throw away this friendship to satisfy Iran and Venezuela is similar to the proverbial dog and bone fable. Where the dog carrying a bone crossing a river looks down and sees a reflection of the bone he is carrying. He drops his bone and grabs at the bigger bone in the reflection and ends up with nothing.

The ULP regime, led by Ralph Gonsalves, is fully aware of the catastrophic consequences that will occur if Venezuela and Iran take on America on Vincentian soil, using the Argyle military airport as a prime base to launch their attacks. Citizens of Venezuela and Iran would be out of the firing line, but the citizens and residents of SVG will become immaterial to Venezuela and Iran in achieving their objectives. All in the name of reciprocity!

Since this military project at Argyle is to benefit Venezuela and Iran, what are the real benefits in it for the people SVG? Any promises offered to us such as cheap oil, scholarships and economic assistance would be of no use to us. Our people, who would be living with the unknown hidden agenda of this diplomatic time bomb, will not benefit. There would be tremendous health implications for our people living with the ever present threat of the objectives of a fanatical culture in which Vincentians' life are considered to be of little or no value.

Surely, the construction of this questionable Argyle military airport should be put to a nationwide referendum so the people decide in the name of democracy. This is a project that we cannot take lightly. This is a life and death situation.

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