Fri 19th Sep 2008

Over 8000 children left behind by the ULP divisive two-tier educational strategy

Research by the socially conscious SVG green Party has revealed that between 2001 and 2008 over 8000 children have been left behind by the ULP's divisive educational strategy. Children are treated as two distinct groups: those of the privileged and those of the under-privileged. The privileged group are provided with upward mobility, whereas the under-privileged group are kept oppressed and in poverty.

The division in society that the ULP educational strategy is perpetuating is damaging SVG in terms of education and social stability. Information technology is the brain child for knowledge in the 21st century. In 2007, of twenty one secondary schools with 2,706 students, not one child passed the CXC information technology exams. In 2008, of 3,011 students only one child passed CXC in information technology. Music is in the blood stream of our rich cultural heritage, but in 2008, of 3,011 students not one passed a CXC music exam. There is only one full time music teacher, a Japanese volunteer employed at the Girls High School.

In mathematics, some children received as low a grade as 13.3% and similarly, in English language 15.5%. Information technology, Mathematics and English language are the three subjects that children need to do well in, if SVG is to move forward as a nation. For the ULP to give praise to their Education Strategy is an act of self deception, which translates to deceiving our people. The ULP increase scholarships in 2008 to thirty six to provide upward mobility for a privileged group of children, some of whom are already the recipients of multiple scholarships, yet the ULP offer nothing of substance to the children of the poor. This is wicked and divisive thinking.

The effect of the ULP divisive educational strategy is horrendous. It has created an imbalance in our society, where those who are left behind will forever be struggling to catch up educationally and financially. They will be destined to a life of poverty and not likely be able to cope in a fast changing world. Crime is a definite off shoot of this sort of policy.

The ULP's strategy of solving this problem which they have wickedly created is to use brutal and oppressive measures. The ULP have increased the police force and the magistracy, substantially increased fines and increased custodial sentences. Many male youths are going from school to prison at an early age. The implications of this policy are counter productive to national development.

SVG Green Party is saying that after 7 years it is clear to all that the job of managing SVG is much too complex for Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP to handle. The ULP leadership is highly incompetent and unable to innovate, create revenue or sustainable development to build a strong SVG. Gonsalves is running around the world begging and forming questionable alliances with nations such as Iran. This ULP's blindfolded strategy can only serve to the detriment of our country. We have to vote out Ralph and the ULP and change direction now.

The poor will always be oppressed under the ULP since their children are being cheated of a decent education.

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