Fri 3rd Oct 2008

The damaging implications of Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP regime begging bowl strategy for St. Vincent and the Grenadines

In New York, at the United Nations on 26th September 2008, Hon Prime Minister of Jamaica, Bruce Golding, made a historical statement, 'The Caribbean leaders must put away the begging bowl at every turn. We don't need all sorts of charity, we must confront our own challenges that we face'. SVG Green Party had stated before that the Ralph Gonsalves ULP regime begging bowl strategy carries with it serious damaging implications.

The mind set of the dependency culture sold to the next generation by the incompetent Ralph Gonsalves administration gives the impression that as a nation we cannot utilise our God given potential to produce meaningfully and build an export driven economy. It is only a Green philosophy that can guide us out of poverty and dependency.

This incompetent ULP administration is unable to identify countless indigenous resources in SVG that could be harnessed to produce sustainable development, high levels of employment and a reliable flow of revenue to the SVG Treasury. This will allow us to stand on our own feet, to confront our own challenges as propagated by Prime Minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding, who said 'we are not a region of beggars'. He reiterated that one cannot build a strong nation based on begging, echoing the school of thought of SVG Green Party.

With 78% of SVG's population considered to be young people, it is critically important that we change direction now and adopt a new developmental strategy that will uplift us from the begging bowl syndrome of the ULP administration. We need to become more independent in our thinking and crucially, make the best use of our full potential in this new world of information technology. It is only a lazy-minded and weak leader that begs.

SVG Green Party has the vision, innovative ideas, the capacity and the strong leadership to build a strong economy and a strong nation to satisfy the hopes and needs of all Vincentians. The prolonged continuation of the ULP administration is a fatal for sustainable development of SVG. Under this ULP administration, we are likely to move from poverty to squalor which will take decades to reverse, if ever. Haiti and Bangladesh are classic examples of countries that have shifted from poverty to absolute squalor. Is this what we want for ourselves and our children?

The fact that Prime Minister Bruce Golding is echoing these sentiments at the highest level outside of CARICOM shows that the problem is one of serious concern within CARICOM and that he is a very proud West Indian who does not want our rich Caribbean civilisation to be destroyed by short-sighted Caribbean leaders.

We are living in an era of senseless dependency in SVG where the ULP regime has to wait on handouts from Taiwan, Venezuela and Iran to survive. Greens are for a free society in which every member of our society is free to participate. We, above all other political parties, know how important it is to have a vision of SVG not just for a few years, but for generations. Like everything Green, our vision is grandiose, light years ahead in thinking, radical and progressive.

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