Fri 19th Dec 2008

SVG's salvation in 2009 is inventiveness and innovation

We live in a new world where technology is said to be moving a million times faster than social change. The consequence of this new phenomenon is that survival on social change alone has become outdated. As we enter the year 2009, inventiveness and vision must be SVG's vehicle towards achieving its goals. It is said that people who beg have a lazy mindset. SVG Green Party supports the view that the ULP regime leadership lacks talent, inventiveness and vision. They cannot and will never move SVG forward, irrespective of the time frame in office.

The ULP Minister for Technology and Industry was on SVG TV on Friday December 12th 2008, harping that the year 2009 would be a great year for trade and export. What export? He has high expectations that the private sector will lead the way where it relates to technology and industry. He was praising the government on a well managed economy, but how can he say this when there is no evidence to support his claim of an economic foundation in SVG set down by the ULP.

We have not seen a master plan for the development of the SVG economy. In his shallow contribution to the 2009 budget debate, he compared President elect Obama of the USA to the highly incompetent leader of the ULP. How any person of reasonable thinking can make such an unworthy comparison is beyond belief.

Technology is moving much faster than social change. Steam engines were a big change. Aerospace technology led the way to the rocket system. The mobile telephone and internet systems are the latest giant strides in technology. The positive way forward in SVG is the political change from red to green. We are a country full of intelligent people and we can use our own people to build a strong nation. We do not have to constantly go begging to other countries. We should stand tall, be proud and obtain real independence.

SVG Green Party has the technological ideas and strongly believes that science and technology should be our present and future economic strategy; all other economic components become secondary. Gone are the days when military might had the advantage in dominating empires. Small nations with strong and innovative economies will be the strong and surviving nations of the future.

Therefore smallness in today's world is not synonymous with weakness and should not predominate our thinking that we cannot become independent from begging by being productive. The ULP and the NDP mindset of begging and relying on handouts from Taiwan, are major obstacles to SVG's national development. In this equation, each time the SVG treasury falls short, Taiwan chips in with a few peanuts, perpetuating the enormous weakness of the ULP regime. Unless we get rid of this artificial relationship with Taiwan, the future of SVG will be always in jeopardy.

SVG Green Party takes this opportunity to thank our wide readership at home and abroad and to wish them a merry Christmas and a prosperous New year. A new Green government in SVG can create the jobs and new revenue streams so badly needed in our country. We look forward to becoming your servant in 2009 and beyond.

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