Fri 26th Dec 2008

Reflections on events in SVG in 2008

We began our journey into 2008 with the startling news that PM Gonsalves was accused of an alleged rape and sexual assault by a serving female police officer. This matter made regional and international news. It was later nolly pros by the DPP. After several court wranglings, the police officer withdrew the matter.

The Speaker of the House of Parliament said that Parliament has been reduced to a market place. The Parliament's yard is full of litter. People drop litter in Parliament's yard as a protest to show their disapproval of this incompetent ULP regime.

The trade deficit continued to widen, to such an extent that, for every dollar SVG exports, SVG imports eleven dollars in consumables. This is highly unsustainable. SVG Green Party, therefore, calls on the ULP regime to throw in the towel.

A number of our young men, including teenagers, have been thrown into jail. Many of them have left school prematurely. After eight years in office, and three different Ministers of Education, the ULP regime still cannot come up with a male friendly curriculum to help our boys achieve a proper education.

The wicked and outrageous VAT has taken dirty roots and is sucking the blood out of the entire nation. It is regressive, in that, the poor masses are suffer from it the most.

SVG Green Party calls on the ULP regime to abolish this wicked VAT in 2009. VAT is taking far too much of people's money. People are barely surviving - it's causing too much pressure. The poor cannot buy bread and sugar. SVG Green Party calls on the ULP regime to abolish the fuel surcharge. The unacceptably high price of electricity is driven by this surcharge. We are also calling for an oversight committee to be set up to regulate and oversee the price of electricity. The present system is not helping the country. The high price of electricity is a definite deterrent to businesses. This is yet another brilliant suggestion from SVG Green Party offered to the incompetent ULP regime as a new year's gesture.

There was a very serious breach of security at Arnos vale Airport. Two twelve year old boys boarded a LIAT plane, filled their stomachs with food and fell asleep. SVG Green Party is far from being surprised at this occurrence with Gonsalves as Minister of National Security.

The future of the youths of SVG is very bleak under this ULP regime. Their eight year track record has shown nil job creation for young people. The situation is so embarrassing that the ULP regime had to provide temporary employment for young people at Christmas.

2008 has been a miserable year for SVG. Many people have lost jobs and many businesses were forced to close. SVG can only have a positive change under a Green government and, with economic intelligence, we will create a strong economy and jobs. Fellow citizens, don't just hope for better, vote for better! You deserve it, SVG Green Party can provide it. A Green government will transform SVG to a nation of opportunity and compassion.

Yes, it has been a nightmare, but it's time to end this bad dream.

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