Fri 8th May 2009

Green revolution is solution for sustainable SVG economy

The Green revolution is about building a strong Green economy driven by science and technology, and the creation of new industries, new markets and thousands of new jobs. This will create a significant new inflow of needed revenue to the SVG Treasury.

Under the Green revolution, the SVG economy will be driven by 20 variables utilising our indigenous resources. The main pillars of a Green revolution will be the sale of bulk water in tanker loads, a modern fishing industry and an electricity industry from renewable energies such as hydro, solar and wind.

SVG Green Party has economically analysed the SVG economy and concluded that the Green Revolution is the only way forward for a prosperous and strong economy. The continued emphasis on tourism is a dead end. Tourism has a number of inherent weaknesses such as providing only low pay, low skilled, short-term seasonal jobs and 80 per cent leaking out of SVG of the tourism dollar.

Tourism has reached its ceiling in SVG. Pumping money in to these small projects is fooling around and disrespectful to our people. More seriously, continuing with tourism in the long term as the main focus of our economy will lower people's self esteem and take away government's ability to broaden the economy. We must not keep our vision subordinate to those countries that are telling us that tourism is the magic pill for all ills.

Under the Green Revolution we would uplift national self esteem and utilise our people's skills to create new products and move away from the dependency culture. We are one of a few countries globally that has a comparative advantage for bulk water sales and a fishing industry. We must cultivate a society of positive thinkers and move to a higher level of intelligent product creation with high added export value.

ULP policy makers who wrongly assume that tourism is the only engine for our economy are leading SVG further into high levels of poverty, unemployment and long term squalor. It will only get worse under tourism. Wages in a Green economy will be high, as the value of our output will be high.

With the Green Revolution, households will no longer have high electricity bills, as the need to generate electricity from oil will cease. The Green economy will be broad-based and multi-variable, therefore a downturn in one or two variables will be offset by the competitiveness of the other variables. The Green economy will always be on a sustainable path and everyone will prosper.

In 1986 when the Green Party was formed in Germany, they called them terrorists, mountain hermits and all other derogative terms. Today the Green Party in Germany has 51 seats in the German Bundestag and is the Opposition Party; more importantly they have a substantial pool of academics.

When the SVG Green Party was formed in January 2005, PM Ralph Gonsalves referred to SVG Green Party as a big joke. History will show that Gonsalves' term in office is a big joke. SVG Green Party is calling on all Vincentians to give us their full support at the next general election.

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