Fri 5th Jun 2009

Is the proposed new constitution a seed for military oppression?

The proposed new SVG constitution is ugly, wicked and outrageous. Elitism replaces democracy and the powers of Prime Minister are greatly enhanced. Is this the seed for military oppression in SVG?

The main objective of this proposed new constitution is for the ULP regime to remove the Queen as Head of State as under the present constitution. The Queen offers a significant component of protection from external forces. With the Queen out of the equation, the ULP regime will have a free hand to take SVG into any direction. SVG Green Party makes a strong call to all Vincentians to take a careful look at the role the Queen plays in protecting our sovereignty.

Let us examine the process of election of the proposed President of SVG. The Speaker of the Assembly, who is nominated by the Prime Minister, will be responsible for the election of President of SVG, not the Electoral Office. The Prime Minister and the Minority Leader should jointly nominate a candidate for president. When this occurs the Speaker goes to the National Assembly and declares the candidate President of SVG without a vote being cast. The masses do not have a say in the election of this proposed President.

In the likely event of the Prime Minister and the Minority Leader disagreeing on a candidate, the Prime Minister and the Minority Leader can nominate a candidate of their choice to be President. These candidates are then put to a vote by the National Assembly. After the vote is taken, the candidate with a majority becomes the President. What does this process tell us? The Minority Leader is powerless in this process of election of a President. This process is totally unacceptable to our nation.

What is worse is that Ralph Gonsalves could be serving as Prime Minister and nominate himself for the Presidency. His party already has a majority in the House of Assembly, so the Presidency becomes a foregone conclusion. He leaves Office one day as Prime Minister and becomes President the following day.

The ULP regime is already tied up with Iran, Libya, Cuba and Venezuela. The new constitution is paving the way for SVG to join this radical grouping. We know that Iran is being accused of completing the construction of a nuclear weapon, and is willing to buy new friends. The ULP regime has made it public that Iranian engineers and Iranian finance are being used to construct the Argyle military Airport.

With Iran's involvement in the construction and funding of the Argyle military Airport there must be a pay back at some point. Will the new SVG constitution germinate the environment for military oppression in SVG?

It is crucially important that this proposed new constitution is strongly rejected at the upcoming referendum for the long term peace and tranquillity of our country. A yes vote would create squalor, poverty, pain and suffering. Many persons and businesses would leave SVG for good.

The constitution of a country is a very serious instrument and should not to be taken lightly. We therefore have no alternative but to vote a big NO to the hijackers of our country.

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