Fri 12th Jun 2009

Common entrance exams 2009 are a disaster

Nine years of communist-style leadership in SVG has brought our country to the brink of crumbling. The 2009 Common Entrance examination results show that the so-called education revolution is a disaster. In general, results for 2009 were worse than in 2008.

Statistics from the Ministry of Education show that in the 2009 results, of 1223 males, 686 failed and of 1104 females, 448 failed. A total of 1134 students failed. The lowest scores for 2009 were 11.67% in the General Paper, 9.09% in English and 11.67% in Mathematics.

All these results confirm that the communist style of managing the education system in SVG is a disaster to us in the long-term. Schools in areas of high poverty have a high failure rate. This is a serious long-term problem, because the children of the poor and low-income families are being left behind in large numbers in education.

The situation is so bad that the Ministry of Education is afraid to publish the 2009 CEE results by schools and did not state how many schools sat the common entrance exam. The Ministry of Education has no solution to stem the high failure rate of common entrance candidates. They have reduced the pass mark and yet the failure rate keeps going up.

For the past nine years, our boys have been performing poorly under the ULP regime - there are more failures than passes. This has caused a significant drop-out rate at secondary schools, but rather than putting mechanisms in place to help our boys, the ULP regime has employed a typical communist approach to deal with this problem. They built a multi-million dollar five star prison for the growing number of young inmates and use the regional military force to deal with crime.

SVG Green Party has been consistent in saying that this method of solving the problem of poor performance of our boys is counter productive. We need to prevent the problem, not just mop up the mess afterwards. Under this ULP system our boys' lives are being wasted.

When boys perform poorly at the primary level, they are forced into the secondary level without attaining the required standard. We need an education system that educates children to perform well. When boys drop out of secondary school, they are not yet trained or ready for the job market. The consequence of this failure by the ULP regime makes boys easily led into a life of crime. This is bad for our society.

SVG Green Party is calling on the Minister of Education and the Chief Education Officer to resign as a result of the continued poor performance and high dropout rate of our boys over the ULP's nine years in office.

The Green Revolution is the only solution to deal with the ULP regime's national failure in education and we call on parents and young voters to vote Green for a new positive direction in SVG. A Green government will bring a modern, world-class education system that will educate and skill young people to get well paid, long-term jobs. From pre-school to university education will be free.

Things must change!

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