Fri 30th Jan 2009

ULP complacency hits Georgetown hospital

The people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines have now seen that the core weakness of the ULP leadership in their 8 years in office, is their arrogance in managing the affairs of our country. The anything-will-do attitude pervades their entire approach to governance. A classic example of this is their wicked introduction of the 15% VAT that is putting enormous economic pressure on the poorer section of our society.

There is an exhibition of too much complacency among the leadership of the ULP regime. This over self satisfactory mode of conducting the public's business must stop, for it is hurting our people in too many ways. And yet the ULP leadership continuously fails to heed the cry of the people who are suffering miserably.

The recent accident at Black Point, on the windward coast of St. Vincent on Wednesday 21st January 2009, is a case in point, where the driver and another occupant of a truck, both suffering from severe injuries following an accident, were taken to the Georgetown hospital for medical attention. A razor blade was required to shave the chest of one of the injured persons to facilitate a medical function. There was none available in the entire hospital.

A relative of one of the injured persons had to run to a local shop to purchase a razor blade so that the medical personnel could continue to perform their duties. We must not forget, when a person is seriously injured, every second is crucial to that person's survival. It is always a matter of life or death.

The relatives were absolutely dumbfounded to discover that a hospital in SVG, and located in the constituency represented by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Ralph Gonsalves, in the twenty first century, was so negligently equipped. Do we really have a Minister of Health?

SVG Green Party publicly expresses its sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims and wishes them spiritual strength to get through this painful period.

Prime Minister Gonsalves is on record as saying, and we quote, 'it is difficult to manage SVG economy without grants'. Yet he drives around in one of the most expensive SUVs which is a part of a fleet. How could he in the name of reason claim to want a third term in Office in SVG with this blatant double standard?

Just over one year ago, the fire engine at the ET Joshua Airport, was chasing a stray animal off the runway, when one of its front tires blew out. There were no spares available. The airport had to be closed for ten and a half hours while the SVG Coast Guard travelled to St. Lucia to borrow a tyre. Who is the minister responsible for Airports and Finance? Ralph Gonsalves.

Taking into consideration the present political landscape in SVG, we feel the time has come for the people of SVG to give their full support to the socially conscious SVG Green Party at the next general election to bring about positive change.

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