Fri 17th Jul 2009

ULP regime copies Green Party ideas on SVG economy

Since 2005 the innovative and visionary SVG Green Party has been asking the ULP regime to make an about turn in the way they manage SVG's weak economy. Government should listen to all stake holders concerned and plan positively in the interest of all Vincentians. The ULP refused to take heed. Meanwhile the weak economy grew weaker and coupled with the global recession, is now on the brink of total collapse.

The people of SVG are worse off since the ULP government took control of our beloved land. Every single sector of our economy has taken a nosedive since 2002. There is no one at the controls adequately capable of bringing this downward trend to a halt. Agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and fisheries have nosedived. Pivotal to this sordid decline, was the mishandling of the vital banana industry and the stupidity of stifling the other sectors to facilitate tourism as the ULP's flagship.

Having seen the writing on the wall, the ULP have now been forced to turn to Japanese technocrats to compile a database of information on how the economy should be profiled. The ULP regime has no idea. One of these technocrats is based at the regional fisheries desk in Kingstown.

There was absolutely no need to bring in the Japanese to plan our economy. SVG Green Party has done its work and we have listed twenty variables that can create a multi-sector, multi-variable, sustainable economy. Again, the ULP show they are more concerned to create jobs for foreign workers than for Vincentians.

The ULP regime has had two consecutive terms in office and has made a negative impression on the country and the economy. The people see the current leadership as a huge disappointment. Apart from begging and borrowing, they have hardly exhibited any other innovative skills in managing and propelling the fortunes of our country.

Having made a public statement that the SVG Green Party upon registration was a joke, the ULP leadership just cannot swallow its pride and come to SVG Green Party for expert advice. But knowing the ULP regime's inner workings and their inherent weaknesses, whenever the Japanese team finally present their report and mountain of data, the ULP regime will still lack the skills to implement the conclusions. They will doubtlessly still continue with the airport and push tourism as being the only engine of the economy. Oh dear!

Of the three political parties in SVG, the SVG Green Party is the one with the creative ideas. Both the NDP and the ULP have been oblivious of the enormous cash potential that exists in our country and the ability of our people. In government, SVG Green Party will create a two billion dollar balanced budget, making the national cake much bigger and creating jobs for all. Presently, SVG has only a five hundred million dollar budget. Imagine the positive impacts that a budget four times its present size can have for the people of SVG.

Vote Green for jobs and financial security. Together we must lift SVG out of this economic mess created by the ULP regime.

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