Fri 14th Aug 2009

A15 M-4 gun found by police - was it a present from Iran?

On the SVGTV evening news of Monday 3rd August 2009, Commissioner Keith Miller informed the nation that a military A15 M-4 assault automatic firearm was found in a building in an undisclosed location, after the police received a tip-off. He said it was the first of its kind to be found in SVG.

The weapon was displayed on television with nine rounds of live ammunition. Surprisingly, no arrests have been made to date in connection with this weapon. It was said that this gun is capable of firing four different types of ammunition, both in semi and automatic modes and has the capability of firing 700 to 950 rounds per minute over a range of 2000 metres when affixed with a telescopic sight. The investigation about the finding of this gun is curious.

SVG Green Party finds the police’s action quite unorthodox and their story questionable. It is standard practice by military and police, having received information of hidden weapons or ammunitions, to place round-the-clock surveillance on site for as long as it takes to catch the criminals. One may possibly assume the gun was a gift from Venezuela, Iran or the Syrian-born, multi-million arms dealing SVG UNESCO Ambassador Wafic Said.

This incident was staged by the political directorate to distract attention from SVG’s serious financial and economic problems. A number of people have said that this attempt of ‘deflective drama’ is an insult to Vincentians’ intelligence. The so-called ‘finding’ of the gun leaves a lot of unanswered questions. It is time for us Vincentians to be very concerned about the type of weapons that are in the hands of the police. This gun story must be taken with a pinch of salt.

This type of weapon can only come into SVG with military connection. We must bear in mind that following the killing of three men in the Vermont valley in 2009, Prime Minister Gonsalves came on television and asked the nation, ‘Do you want the police to use water guns?’

It was only about three months ago that SVG Green Party said if the Argyle military airport is ever completed, then SVG could become a military hotbed with significant troubling implications for our country and the region. The jigsaw puzzle seems to be coming together with the finding of an assault weapon of mass destruction by the police.

There is an ominous dark cloud hanging over our country. Vincentians need to take note. As the economy deteriorates further and further, the solution we are getting is a series of distractions. The ULP administration has to be voted out of office for gross incompetence.

The Leader of SVG Green Party, Ivan O’Neal, has over thirty one years of military service. He is extremely concerned about the direction in which the ULP is taking SVG. To give a yes vote to the proposed new constitution would be to give power to an elite group to rule by decree. Under them, the fruits of the new constitution would be communism, military oppression, squalor, pain and suffering.

Vote NO to the new constitution.

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