Fri 21st Aug 2009

IADC 2006 audited financial statement exhibits corruption

SVG Green Party demands that PM's son, Camillio Gonsalves, pays back his salary to IADC.

Camillio Gonsalves is a registered lawyer in SVG and is SVG's current Ambassador to the United Nations and is the son of PM Ralph Gonsalves. PM Gonsalves is SVG's Minister of Finance and heads the military Argyle airport project.

Camillio Gonsalves was registered with the Registrar of Companies as IADC Secretary and Legal advisor from 31st October 2005 to 31st August 2007. This entails a conflict of interest. When the 2006 IADC audited financial statements were made public on 14th August 2009, Rochelle Forde was listed as Corporate Secretary and Camillio Gonsalves was listed as Legal advisor. This was a corrupt action by the IADC in putting Forde as Corporate Secretary instead of Camillio Gonsalves.

The ULP was elected in 2001 on a ticket of good governance and transparency. SVG Green Party, in keeping with the ULP proposed philosophy of good governance, is making a strong demand for Camillio Gonsalves to pay back to the IADC all salaries he received as Corporate Secretary for the period of the audited document.

The auditing firm of PKF should have known or must have known that Camillio Gonsalves was the listed Secretary and not Rochelle Forde. Yet Rochelle Forde, Dr Matthias and Godfrey Pompey signed the audited document on behalf of the IADC knowing that there existed a serious act of corruption. The document would have gone to the Minister of Finance, PM Gonsalves, before it was made public. The Minister of Finance would have known that his son was the Secretary and not Rochelle Forde.

In SVG Green Party's opinion, the IADC knew they had deliberately deceived the public with their attempt to cover up the fact that Camillio Gonsalves was Corporate Secretary and Legal Advisor at the time, by using Rochelle Forde's signature on the document and hoping that it will go unnoticed by the Vincentian public. However, SVG Green Party is always staying awake on national socio-political issues. We are the eyes and ears of the Vincentian public.

The misfit Argyle military airport project uses millions from the sale of hundreds of acres of SVG crown lands. Over 40 million dollars of the NIS funds, US$10 million from Trinidad and Tobago and 7 million dollars from Iran, are being used for this misfit project. It is critically important that the 2006 audited financial statement is free from errors and omissions before being made public, in order to uphold credibility and accountability.

In addition to the above, SVG Green Party is reiterating the call for Camillio Gonsalves to resign as SVG Ambassador to the UN, Rochelle Forde to resign as Senator to SVG Parliament, PM Gonsalves to resign as SVG Minister of Finance and the entire Board of Directors of the IADC to resign.

SVG Green Party wishes to draw to the attention of the auditing firm PKF Ltd, the Minister of Finance, the Board of Directors of the IADC and the Legal Advisor to the IADC, that there is no audited financial statement for 2004 and 2005. It is not standard practice to have audited 2006 and omitted 2004 and 2005.

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