Fri 4th Sep 2009

Dying SVG economy is most important issue not new constitution

The work of the Constitution Review Committee (CRC) has been in progress for the past few years. However, at no point have any of the released documents confirmed how the new constitution will facilitate the creation of a new and sustainable economy in SVG, that will put money in the pockets of the ordinary man and food on his table. This proposed new constitution lacks the capacity to deal with the main problem in SVG - the dying economy. So why make the constitution a priority?

The sharp fall in exports, fall in revenue, low productivity, high unemployment, massive government bank overdrafts and the loud cry of the masses under the crushing high cost of living, all show that the SVG economy is dying.

Environmentalists claim that those who adapt to change are winners. The ULP regime is totally incapable of building a strong economy and our country is stagnating. They evade the important economic issues that are creating so much hardship and suffering to our people, by constantly focusing on the proposed new constitution. This will do nothing to uplift the livelihoods of our people. It will only give more power to the elite.

For the SVG economy to become strong, there has to be a change: we must adapt and take on a Green economy. A Green economy will be multi-sector and fully utilise our indigenous resources, land, sea and people. SVG is blessed with some of the best agricultural lands in the Eastern Caribbean and good weather, yet agriculture under the ULP is practically dead.

Educating the people within a Green social and economic structure is the answer to SVG's dying economy. Education is in a shambles in SVG. The ULP leadership was unable to begin the academic year on time, due to a lack of forward planning.

Under a Green government, science and technology will play pivotal roles in accomplishing structural changes to facilitate the building of a strong and sustainable economy. It will focus on high quality employment, enabling the poor masses to earn a good income and put food on their table.

The power of positive change lies in the hands of the masses and not the few elite. If we fail to adopt change and convert to a green economy, SVG will become a nation of beggars under the incompetent ULP regime. Vote NO for the proposed new constitution.

Even the Obama administration has realised that green economics not only address the issue of climate change, but provide a bonanza of well-paying manufacturing jobs. These kinds of jobs have largely been missing in SVG. Green economics creates new pathways out of poverty for many low-income workers and the unemployed.

It leads to far-reaching outcomes that ultimately reduce unemployment and raise the overall standard of living for poorer households. Green jobs represent a clear path to a stronger middle class and a stronger Vincentian economy that will benefit everyone.

Adapting to the modern world, rather burying our head in the sand like the ULP regime, is our path to survival. Therefore, voting Green for a stable society and sustainable economy is the sensible choice.

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