Fri 18th Sep 2009

SVG Green Party says vote NO for new constitution

Prime Minister Gonsalves does not have the moral authority to lead SVG into constitutional change. The substance of the new constitution does not translate into enhanced rights or a better, wealthier life for the poor majority of our country.

Neither does it provide the framework to build a strong and sustainable economy. The core problem in SVG is the weak economy and the poor social development in our beloved country over the past thirty years.

Previous prime ministers in SVG tended to bring in policies to hold on to office rather than to develop the country. Therefore, SVG Green party is calling for two terms only for prime ministers to be stipulated in any new constitution. No government so far has sought to enhance the independence of our people, as they have felt it is not to their advantage. The implications of this means we are all losers and the consequences we see before us - poverty, crime and high unemployment.

Under the new constitution SVG would lose Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. This is wrong and a backward step for our country. It is doubly wrong also that her replacement, a president, cannot be elected by the poor masses. A Presidential Head of State should be elected by the people. An absence of this right is a total erosion of our fundamental democracy. The new constitution is only for the elite to hold on to power.

The leadership of the ULP regime says that we need a new constitution so that we can hang criminals and prevent same sex marriages. It is only the poor that hang in our country as the rich can afford lawyers. So why is the PM so keen on hanging? What have the ULP regime got against the poor?

Hanging and the prevention of same sex marriages are already enshrined in the present constitution. Several persons have been hanged since Independence in 1979 and there have been no same sex marriages in SVG. This illustrates that this new constitution is not needed. Vote NO.

As a country we need to move forward by making the poor richer and providing university level education in SVG. A stable society is needed that is free of crime and provides employment for all. Also, a strong economy is needed so businesses and the rural economy can flourish.

These are the priorities for the people of SVG. However, the ULP regime is avoiding these important issues as they are unable to solve them. The ULP regime is incompetent and is using the new constitution as a distraction. Basically, the new constitution aims to make the rich substantially richer. This is morally wrong - the focus of our country should be to bring the poor out of poverty. The first step - abolish VAT!

If the new constitution becomes law, we will see the introduction of a regime where communism reigns supreme. Section 113(1) is a preamble to a 'politburo' style regime, where the Cabinet and Prime Minister advise the President; the President will have no choice but to carry out their wishes. This leaves SVG wide open to the introduction of communism.

Several persons have told the Leader of SVG Green Party that there is nothing in the new constitution for poor people and that the new constitution is only a vehicle for the elite to exercise power and get even richer. Vote NO. Staying at home is the same as voting yes, so it is extremely important that everyone goes out and puts their X for a NO vote on the 25th November 2009.

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