Fri 2nd Oct 2009

What do Pittsburgh (USA) and SVG Green Party have in common? VISION for investment in science, education and technology.

Since its birth, SVG Green Party has been recommending a Green economy in SVG, driven by investment in science, education and technology.

President Obama chose Pittsburgh as the venue for the G20 talks. Why? He said "Pittsburgh was a perfect venue for this work. This city has known its share of hard times as older industries like steel could no longer grow. But Pittsburgh picked itself up, dusted itself off and is making the transition to job-creating industries of the future, from biotechnology to clean energy. It serves as a model for turning the page to a 21st century economy".

Pittsburgh was known for steel, sports, smoke, smog and a spectacular downfall. In 1980, it lost 150,000 jobs in one decade. Now though, it has made a spectacular recovery with an economy built on higher education, medicine and new technologies. Obama said that, because of this foresight and investment, Pittsburgh's giving birth to renewed industries that are creating the jobs of the future. The smoke and smog has gone.

Pittsburgh was in an abyss, like SVG's economy is in an abyss. But with small, careful steps, Pittsburgh began to climb out of the abyss in the early 1990s, by investing in its universities and health centres. SVG Green Party has been saying all along that SVG needs its own university so that most of SVG's workforce is educated to university level.

Pittsburgh University was at the centre of Pittsburgh's rebirth and central to Pittsburgh's green economy are education, innovation, research and indigenous resources. Its students are developing new technologies to supply the business district with free, clean-source, hydrokinetic power from the town's river. They're also helping citizens to evaluate their energy consumption and adapt to 'greener' lifestyles.

SVG has high utility bills, but a Green economy is a way for household's and businesses' bills to be substantially reduced. Pittsburgh today serves as a model for economic and environmental transformation in the United States, since the city has reinvented itself by building a balanced, innovation-driven economy based on its strengths.

Under a Green government, SVG can do the same. We can serve as an economic model to the Caribbean by utilising our indigenous resources and having our own university. Local innovation and ingenuity has re-built Pittsburgh and local innovation and ingenuity can re-build SVG, but we need our own university. Only with knowledge can one solve one's problems and with an educated workforce we can re-build our country.

Mass tourism cannot and will never be able to be the engine of SVG's fragile economy. Tourism only creates low-paid, seasonal work and 80% of the tourist dollar leaks out of the country.

In Pittsburgh, new Green leadership paid off. In SVG, SVG Green Party leadership has already shown the way with its ideas. The SVG Green Party vision is for heavy investment in education and technology - NOW!

Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania have over 5,000 green building product manufacturers employing 200,000 people. In SVG, the people need jobs and in today's modern global economy, it's only a Green economy in SVG that will create enough jobs for the people. Vote Green for jobs and a university.

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