Fri 16th Oct 2009

Hypocrites in SVG must give back their Queen's honours

When the NDP regime passed a bill in parliament giving politicians and top civil servants 100% duty-free tax on imported motor vehicles, the ULP central executive complained bitterly of abuse of power. However, when the ULP took office in 2001, the same persons who complained about the NDP abuse of power were the first to receive 100% duty-free on imported motor vehicles.

Many of the hypocrites shouting for the removal of Queen Elizabeth as head of state have Queen Elizabeth awards such as MBE, OBE and knighthoods. They must give back their Queen Elizabeth awards.

Remittances from the UK are keeping the SVG economy afloat, yet the hypocrites say the Queen must go as head of state. While the Queen is head of state, neither Cuba, Iran, Libya nor Venezuela could set up the planned military airbase at Argyle. SVG crucially needs political stability and the Queen provides that political stability.

God forbid, but a change in the constitution may bring communism to SVG. The fruits of communism are government control of everything and no private sector. However, it is the private sector that can create jobs. It is a strong private sector that provides economic stability in countries. Communism will create war and squalor in SVG, and the higher unemployment will result in more crime and criminality. Ironically, it is 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and communism in Germany. This illustrates how backward thinking the ULP are.

PM Gonsalves has not given one good reason for SVG needing a new constitution. Hanging is in the present constitution and same sex marriages are prohibited under the present constitution.

The question of wanting to remove the Privy Council as SVG's final court of appeal and bring in the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is wrong. Statistical evidence shows that 95% of cases that go to the Privy Council are successful and that is why people want the Privy Council. A Green government will pass legislation giving people the option of going to the Privy Council or the CCJ as their final court of appeal. No need to change the constitution or get rid of the Privy Council.

The proposed new constitution is a waste of taxpayers' money and is causing unnecessary stress for people. Families are already under a substantial amount of pressure trying to make a dollar and provide for their children. It is insensitive of the ULP to focus on this new constitution at a time when it is jobs that people really need. The ULP regime should be focused on reducing the high level of unemployment and the high level of crime.

The present constitution is not SVG's core problem. The weak economy is the core problem. The incompetent ULP regime has devastated the SVG economy and this has caused very high unemployment and the closing down of many businesses. A Green government will build a strong and sustainable Green economy.

Vote NO to the new constitution.

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