Fri 23rd Oct 2009

New constitution is as clear as mud

The proposed new constitution is very confusing - it's as clear as mud. Many people have complained that the new constitution is not clear and that is true. It is wrong that the ULP have deliberately made the new constitution so complicated. Many people in SVG have a low level of literacy and will be lost when they see the constitution in writing.

It is important for us all to vote NO to this new constitution. We do not know what rights we will lose if this constitution is passed. We do not want to wake up after the vote to see our democracy weakened.

If this constitution is passed it will be like walking into quicksand and once you are in quicksand the only way is down. If this constitution is passed then the only way for SVG is down and we will all be up to our necks in it. We have already suffered a great deal under the ULP regime and the new constitution will make things worse for all, especially for the poor.

We will be significantly worse off with this new constitution, therefore we must vote NO. The threat of this new constitution cannot be ignored. The mere fact that the ULP are putting so much money in to the yes campaign, shows how much we as nation must be wary of the proposed changes. It would be a serious mistake for anyone to stay home on the day of the vote. We must vote NO to uphold our rights.

Joseph Chatoyer fought hard for Vincentians to live a free life and not be oppressed by government. This constitution could change that. We cannot betray the sacrifices our ancestors made and let the greed of the ULP regime bring down the country. So, for the love of our country, vote NO. We must safeguard freedom, rights and democracy for the children of our country.

It would be unwise to agree to a contract you don't understand, and this constitution, is like a contract between the government and the people, so similarly, it would be unwise to agreed to this new constitution. Play it safe, vote NO.

Any constitutional change should make government a better servant of the people, but these proposed changes will make the people oppressed servants of a ULP government. We will not see greater opportunities for poor people to escape from the poverty they live in.

This new constitution is ambiguous and the more ambiguous the wording, the more ways there are to interpret provision, and the easier it is for the government to fail in its duty to provide our rights. A constitution should include clear language on the nature of rights; who has the right; and the responsibilities of the government.

This new constitution has real weaknesses and suggests that no one could easily be held accountable for the failure to provide for the people. This new constitution is a grave threat to our fundamental principles of democratic rights. We must not shrink from this test. We must vote NO and when this new constitution fails, the people will be rewarded with an even stronger democratic country. We must seize this moment to bring hope to our children. Vote NO.

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