Fri 30th Oct 2009

The misfortunes of SVG's independence

The SVG that existed before 27th October 1979, was much more alive than the SVG that exists on 27th October 2009. Today, SVG can be considered as a country that is dead in most respects. Before independence, persons could leave their homes open and go out without fear of anyone entering illegally. Young people and the elderly could walk from A to B without fear of being molested. Today, they are not only molested, but molested and killed.

The community spirit of giving and receiving is no longer alive. When you cultivate crops somebody else reaps - praedial larceny has become the order of the day. Before 1979, the majority of households had children who respected their elders and the school system had virtually no trouble with discipline. The state focused on quality education, producing scholars of the highest quality such as Dr Gideon Cordice, Dr Cecil Cyrus and noble outstanding community workers, who were driven by patriotism and working for the good of the country.

Today our education system is driven by quantity, not quality. Statistics show that in most of the science subjects there are few passes in grades 1 and 2. The level of passes is mainly in 5 and 6 - these are not recognised abroad.

The ULP has the gall to call this system of education the education revolution. They are correct only in the sense that they have made a 360 degrees turnaround in the education - education has not improved though. And to add insult to injury, they are giving $500 to students who they consider as scholars who can hardly hold their own abroad.

The health of the nation is supposed to be the wealth of the nation. Yet, we are importing death through foreign foods. In 2008, the imported food bill was $198 million dollars, meanwhile elephant grass took over our arable lands. We are now pestered by imported diseases, such as breast and prostate cancer and diabetes and hypertension, brought in by imported foods.

The living environment is now heavily polluted. The disappearance of our honey bees is testament to this fact. Being choked to death in Kingstown from carbon monoxide pollution is another example. Becoming deaf before the age of twenty from noise pollution is a common feature in today's lifestyle and not a single health minister had the foresight to bring an end to it.

Vagrancy and begging has increased tenfold and become acceptable. The ULP authorities, they too are the leading beggars. More young men are being thrown in to jail than ever before and the situation is so chronic that government's priority is to build prisons and police stations. The right to automatic hanging has taken priority over the need to build factories and create employment.

How sad it is. Why did our leaders lose their sense of sanity and inflict so much damage to our country? Were they all driven by greed and their own political agenda?

SVG is standing on the brink of disaster. A referendum YES vote at this time will certainly take us over the edge. SVG will become worse than Haiti without any doubt. However, a NO vote will galvanise us into believing that we as a people can change our outlook and build a sustainable economy and a harmonious country.

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