Fri 27th Nov 2009

Ralph and the ULP regime attempt to implement SVG Green Party's 2005 election manifesto policy flyer but failed

The most significant weaknesses of the Ralph Gonsalves regime are that it has lacked vision, originality and creativity in all of its policies, since taking office in 2001. In the 2005 general elections, SVG Green Party - which has the initiative and the vision to move our country forward - issued a policy flyer proposing the sale of fresh water in tanker loads.

At present, billions of gallons of freshwater are running in to the sea daily - it's a waste. We proposed to give every household in SVG $200.00 monthly, from the proceeds as an environmental allowance to keep their living environment clean.

On the 27th October 2009, PM Gonsalves made a spectacular policy initiative in granting every school child $200.00 as a one time payment in celebration of SVG thirty years of political independence. For nine years, he has never given them a hand out of this nature towards education.

This cribbing initiative can have no other motive other than to win the hearts of parents to vote yes in the referendum on the 25th November. Whenever one stealthily copies anothers' initiative and fails to get the logistics right, it could never have the same positive effect.

Hundreds of Vincentians have been drawing to the attention of the Leader and General Secretary of the Green Party, the fact that the Gonsalves regime has made a very bad job in copying our 2005 initiative. The money that SVG Green Party had proposed would have been monthly payments to every household and not a one time payment. The money would have come from freshwater sales and would not have depleted the treasury of its well needed finance.

Gonsalves 6M dollar initiative is a drain on the treasury. Nine years in office and we are yet to see an original policy initiative that creates revenue in SVG. What we have experienced from Gonsalves is a very high propensity to beg and borrow. He has escalated the national debt six times as fast as the SVLP and four times as fast as the NDP. This illustrates that Gonsalves and his regime do not have the ability to advance our country economically.

Inventiveness and creativity are crucial traits for any good leader to possess. This has been shown in Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore and South Korea. The leadership of SVG Green Party has demonstrated beyond any doubt, that they have the ideas and the ability to move this country forward.

The Gonsalves regime does not only lack ability in inventiveness and creativity, they cannot even successfully copy an idea, let alone implement it. What were they elected for? They went in under the presumption of 'better by far', but their track record in office for the past nine years in comparison to other past governments is 'worse by far'.

So in the absence of begging, borrowing and copying ideas, the ULP regime is an illusion. It is not surprising that SVG is sliding quickly over an economic precipice and is now hanging by a thread.

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