Fri 25th Dec 2009

Fostering a spirit of community, not only at Christmas, but throughout the years ahead, based on truth

The biblical principles, laid down by God to ensure that humans live TOGETHER harmoniously in society, have been deviated from by mankind the world over. This is also quite apparent in our Vincentain society. The triangle of LOVE, which is the family, the church and the school, have a sacred responsibility to play a pivotal role in the up-bringing of our children.

Children are the future of any society. All three sides of the love triangle have been on a downward slide in our society for far too long. And as a result, generations of children have grown into adulthood lacking the proper formation which is essential towards their holistic development. It is no wonder we have so many of our males in prison.

How can we foster a spirit of community with such an existing trend? We have to critically analysis our society and identify the reasons why some people become disrespectful, greedy, discourteous and allow themselves to be so dependent on handouts from others for their survival. But more importantly, we must not ignore the importance of truth. Truth is the axis and oxygen of our lives, because all other things, such as honesty and obedience, revolve around it.

A well structured, disciplined and harmonious community, is always an advancing and productive one. As a priority, it looks after its young, vulnerable, disabled and elderly. During the Christmas season, the air is filled with the remembrance of the birth of Christ and the importance of us being our brothers keepers. We therefore share a lot at Christmas with neighbours and friends.

Yet when the Christmas season is over, we fall back to our old selfish habits and believe when Christmas comes again, we can revive the love in us once more for a short period. But this attitude, or thinking, is false. Because, at times other than the Christmas season, we do so much harm to each other and our country, that it is virtually impossible to repair the damage at Christmas time. We are just fooling ourselves.

What is it that burdens us as a people that we fail to build and maintain a healthy community spirit? It is the environment in which we live. We have to change that. We employ a legal system here where truth is not balanced on the scales of justice and this therefore creates a lot of apathy.

It is those who can afford the most high profile lawyers that get the scales to tip in their favour. When you have the highest office holder in SVG in dispute with the truth and he is not brought before the Court to establish the truth, society breaks down and breaks down rapidly. The average man loses respect for authority.

There is an overwhelming need for judicial reform in the OECS legal system to always establish truth. Without the adherence to truth, the triangle of LOVE can never function. We are highly unlikely to be able to foster a spirit of community, based on the precepts laid down by the Bible, and the Bible is Supreme. Unless our society, from the office of Prime Minister to the lowest worker is structured on truth, society will continue to breakdown. Jesus brought truth at Christmas.

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