Fri 8th Jan 2010

Should Vincentians accept Argyle as a military base under the guise of an international airport?

SVG Green Party is on public record warning Vincentians from the inception, that the Argyle project was destined to be a military airport under the guise of an international airport. The Comrade knows that a minority Vincentians want an international airport to supposedly ease their travel pains. Being conscious of this, he thought selling the project to the public - although it was never brought to.

Parliament for approval - would be easy.

It is public knowledge that Iran is one of the funders of the Argyle military project. In a few weeks' time, a high level Russian delegation along with three socialist Presidents - Chavez, Morales and Ortega - will arrive in SVG. They come not to purchase bananas, but to make an on-site assessment of the potential of Argyle military airport. They will consider its ability to facilitate a military triangle for transhipment of military hardware to and from the ALBA alliance members.

Remember, Russia plays a prominent role in selling military hardware to ALBA. A foreign-owned military base in our country will mean an end to SVG as we know it. The implications are horrendous. In the likely event of a mishap in one of these transhipments, the devastation to our country would be irreparable. The solution is to cancel the Argyle airport project once and for all. The PM is on public record saying that a foreign company will be managing the facility.

If Vincentains become complacent about the huge dangers lurking at Argyle, and allow Ralph Gonsalves to lease Argyle to his socialist friends, there will be incalculable long-term consequences to our country and people. Argyle will become a state within a state. It will require another foreign military intervention to dislodge them, as has happened in Grenada. But another foreign military intervention is a predicament whose outcome can never be predicted.

The only solution lies at the ballot box at the next general elections in SVG. A vote for the ULP is a vote for ALBA. It is imperative that Vincentains vote the ULP and Ralph out of office to save SVG.

There are viable alternatives to air transport for SVG. In the long-term, all the headaches and potential military disasters at Argyle can be averted. Vincentains must ask themselves, why is it that Ralph is hell bent on taking SVG in a socialist/communist direction? Does he want to become another 'Papa Doc' in the Caribbean?

Only a mad Alliance would want to fight America, knowing that they have no chance of success. Vincentians must remember that whenever countries go to war, it is the people who suffer. The direction in which Ralph wants to take this country is clear - he must not be allowed to succeed! It is imperative that the ULP and Ralph be voted out of office at the next general elections.

While the people call out for jobs and prosperity, all the ULP seem to think about is guns and war. Under an SVG Green Party government the priority will be jobs and prosperity to sustain the people - not guns and war to kill people.

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