Fri 26th Feb 2010

Shame on ULP - Canouan primary school closed for lack of drinking water

Just last week, the Canouan primary school was closed, because there was no drinking water for the children. This is another example of the incompetence of the ULP leadership. Still in everyone's memory, is the ULP's incompetence in providing medicines for the hospital.

It seems that the CWSA can provide free water for the school, but unfortunately the government has no money to pay the boat to take the water to Canouan. The situation is a comedy of errors and illustrates that the ULP regime are managing SVG like the worst mauby shop in the Caribbean. A third term in office for the incompetent ULP would be the final nail in the coffin for SVG. They would turn our beautiful lush, green country in to the Sahara desert - there's no limit to their incompetence.

The ULP fail to provide enough drinking water for the people of SVG. Already we suffer water cuts and water shortages, imagine what it would be like with mass tourism in SVG? According to a UNESCO report, tourists can use up to 10 times as much water as local residents. In Majorca, for example, tourists can use up to 880 litres of water in one day.

For every extra 1000 tourists in SVG, we would have to supply almost 1 million extra litres of water. But under the ULP, there's not enough water for the children of Canouan primary school. With the Argyle airport and mass tourism, the choice will be water for tourists or water for us locals. With the threat to water availability, the prices will rocket up and be unaffordable for the poor. Poor locals will struggle.

With a third ULP term and mass tourism, there will be a demand for land to build hotels and other facilities for thousands of tourists. More Vincentians will be forced off their land. The ULP have done this at Buccament and Argyle and they are not afraid to do it again. If your home or agricultural land stands in the way of the ULP mass tourism plans, you'll be forced out.

We cannot allow the ULP to put mass tourism before the children of SVG. The ULP leadership seems to have a pathological pursuit of mass tourism over what's really best for SVG. If there's not enough water for the people in SVG at present, then clearly the answer is not to bring in 10,000 tourists and make water even more scarce. Our focus should be finding ways to provide water for Vincentians.

In the Philippines, the quantity of water used for tourism is so high, that rice production is under threat. In SVG, if there's not enough water for agriculture then our food security will be under threat. Clearly, a policy of Argyle airport and mass tourism is beyond incompetence, it's excessively foolish and we should all be concerned about the sanity of a government that thinks otherwise!

Water is essential for life. An SVG Green Party government would prioritise the issue of water. Children the elderly, poor families, all of us, should not go without. A Green economy and a Green approach to managing our environment will ensure this. It is a time to be pro-active and put Vincentians before mass tourism. Our water is ours - vote Green to keep it that way.

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