Fri 28th May 2010

It is time for Taiwan to leave SVG, they are sucking the blood out of our country

SVG has over 10,000 square miles of sea space and a licence to fish for tuna in the Atlantic Ocean. Together, our sea space and our licence are capable of sustaining a multi-billion dollar fish industry. However, for the past 28 years Taiwan has been the beneficiary of SVG's biggest revenue creating industry.

While many Vincentians have suffered in poverty and unemployment over the past 28 years, both NDP and ULP governments have allowed Taiwan to cream-off billions of dollars annually. Taiwan is so wealthy that the country has the world's third highest reserve of approximately EC$ 668 billion.

This dubious 'arrangement' between the NDP, ULP and Taiwan is damaging our country and stopping many Vincentians from becoming prosperous. All these lost billions should have been spent on providing Vincentians with a world-class education and health system, and making SVG a prosperous nation.

The Taiwanese really do not care about Vincentians. Not only are they creaming-off billions of dollars from our fish licence, but all their fishing vessels are registered offshore - Taiwan is not paying tax! So, while Vincentians are punished with VAT, high taxes, and high water and electric bills, Taiwan rob us twice over by creaming-off billions and not paying taxes. This is unfair and evidence that they must leave SVG. Why have NDP and ULP governments punished us and allowed this to happen?

Taiwan is one of the world's leaders in manufacturing, yet they have not put one factory in SVG; Taiwan has spent 29 years here doing 'agricultural research', yet they have not helped our agriculture industry - agriculture is at its worst since independence; and Taiwan are experts in deep sea fishing, yet they have never helped SVG to develop its own fishing industry by transferring the technology.

For Vincentians to become prosperous Taiwan must leave our country now. They are wicked and selfish. A generation of Vincentians has been born under this Taiwanese rip-off. Taiwan has been the biggest barrier stopping most young people under 30 from being prosperous. Taiwan has sat back and watched our young people struggle and sink further into poverty and dependency.

SVG needs a strong and sustainable economy in order to lift our people out of poverty and suffering. A Green government will create manufacturing and fish processing industries, and bring the jobs that Taiwan, the NDP and ULP have failed to create.

At the centre of Green economics is social equality and freedom. Families that are poor are not free; a child left uneducated is not free; our nation, robbed of its wealth by the Taiwan / NDP / ULP 'arrangement', is not free. We have been shackled and oppressed by this 'arrangement' and at the next election we must break free from this Taiwan / NDP / ULP injustice.

Vote Green so we can all share the wealth of our nation.

A Green government will move Taiwan and harness our indigenous resources, and the skills and intelligence of our people. With our own university and an economy based on Green technology, SVG will finally be able to reach the higher end of the world ladder.

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