Fri 16th Jul 2010

SVG Green Party launches its 2010 / 2011 manifesto: Green is Prosperity

SVG Green Party launches its manifesto with an aim to form government at the next general election. This manifesto shows that a Green Party government will bring prosperity for all. It is a manifesto to bring financial security to every home, and economic sustainability and social stability to our beloved nation.

The decision at next election for our people is not to choose between this party or that party, but to choose between poverty or prosperity. The decision will be crucial; the need for jobs and wealth creation is substantial; therefore choosing Green is surely essential. Green is prosperity.

The future of SVG depends upon three components: effective leadership, financial management and innovative development.

Effective leadership

SVG Green Party leader Ivan O'Neal is highly disciplined, with 31 years of honourable and distinguished military service with the British Royal Air Force. O'Neal was promoted on merit to officer rank and was specially selected to serve on the staff of the armed forces of His Majesty, the Sultan of Brunei. O'Neal has the ability to lead.

Gonsalves' leadership qualities are begging and borrowing. This not sustainable and leads to a dependency culture.

Eustace's leadership qualities are apparent: no need for analysis.

A Green government is a competent alternative to the wasted 27 years of ineffective ULP and NDP leadership.

Financial management

In this age of global financial insecurity, what is most needed in SVG is competent financial management and a strong, multi-variable economy. Of the three leaders, only Ivan O'Neal has a university education in finance - a BSc(Hons) from Oxford Brookes University, England.

Ralph Gonsalves has shown that he is highly incompetent and out of his depth as SVG Minister of Finance and as PM. Under Gonsalves, SVG's finances are a total wreck. Gonsalves has wastefully spent taxpayers' money and our economy is weak and unstable.

Arnhim Eustace was fiscal advisor to the NDP regime for over a decade. SVG's finances under the 17 years of NDP were highly dependent on Taiwan and our economy was plunged in to debt. The NDP could not bring prosperity.

Innovative development

SVG needs innovative development to create new jobs and wealth for the people. All Vincentians deserve a high standard of living, not just a few. The development future of SVG will be the critical issue for the electorate in voting for the next government. O'Neal was awarded the RAF certificate of merit for inventiveness.

Both the NDP and ULP see mass tourism as the only engine for SVG's economy. During the 17 years of NDP and 10 years of ULP, the economy and the people of SVG suffered. Not one factory or fish processing unit for export and agriculture has died under the ULP.

All civilised countries build their own university within 5 years of independence. October 2010 will be 31 years of independence. All the ULP have achieved is a king-sized jail and massive debt - not a university.

A Green government will build a Green, multi-variable, sustainable economy, bringing a fish processing plant, factories, a thriving diversified agricultural sector, a science university and free Rabacca sand to help construction of private homes. We will fully utilise and properly manage SVG's indigenous resources.

Our future

It is necessary to have a live TV debate about financial management between the three leaders, so the people can properly choose a new way forward for our country.

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