Fri 30th Jul 2010

Our own science university - crucial for a prosperous future for SVG

SVG's number 1 resource is our people, which is why we need our own university. A world class education is so important for sustainable development in our beloved country. The future and dreams of our children depend upon university education, to empower them to obtain long-term, high paid jobs in SVG and abroad.

There is no alternative but to shift SVG quickly and decisively into a prosperous new direction. The people want prosperity and the people deserve prosperity. An SVG science university is necessary and will play a pivotal role in driving our country forward. All prosperous and economically strong countries have a university-based education system to increase the skills of their people.

Whilst all forms of education are important to a country, it is university education that is crucial for sustainable development and moves a country forward. Only a Green government has the vision, ability and desire to build a university in SVG. With their mass tourism policies, the ULP and NDP prefer to waste taxpayers' money turning SVG into a holiday playground for rich tourists.

A Green government will build the first campus of SVG university at Mt. Wynne, between Layou and Barrouaille, and then when that is up and running, develop a second campus in Georgetown. Mt. Wynne will be an excellent site for a science park and green technology industries.

Mass tourism only provides short-term, low-paid, insecure jobs like those at Buccament Bay - very insecure. The university will help create wealth for our people and bring long-term, secure jobs. The offshoot industries from the university, such as accommodation and vehicle rental, shops, restaurants and food supplies, will encourage the creation of hundreds of small businesses and thousands of jobs.

The ULP and NDP have no vision. They remain committed to begging and borrowing from Taiwan, Cuba and other countries, obtaining only a handful of scholarships for a privileged few. An SVG university will provide opportunities for all Vincentians and will be free for all Vincentians.

Singapore is only twice the size of SVG in area, but it has a $240 billion dollar economy, over 250 times the size of our economy. It has been able to achieve economic prosperity, because it has more than 40 universities (including public and private ones) and has a highly educated population.

They have harnessed and enhanced the number 1 resource of its country - its people. Most Singaporeans have had a university education, and now, the average wage in Singapore is over 7 times the average wage in SVG. Their people enjoy a very high standard of living.

SVG needs a university to empower our people and to stimulate economic and financial growth of our country. ULP and NDP thinking is a catalyst for dependency and poverty. A Green government will propel SVG from being a follower to a leader in the regional and global economy. Our people deserve jobs and prosperity.

You've given the NDP a chance (17 years), they only brought poverty; you've given the ULP a chance (10 years), they only brought poverty; now give yourself a chance - vote Green for jobs and prosperity.

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