Fri 13th Aug 2010

Taiwan's presence perpetuates poverty in SVG

SVG is in financial crisis. The IMF hurried visit to SVG in May 2010 is a clear indication that the financial crisis in SVG is serious and deep. The impact is creating unemployment and a spiralling high cost of living, and putting substantial pressures on low-income families.

The incompetence of the ULP regime has resulted in wasteful expenditure that has run way ahead of revenue creation. The ULP regime always relies on begging and borrowing. Borrowing is not sustainable and begging is not a solution.

SVG must change direction for employment and create wealth and revenue.

Taiwan is an obstacle to development in SVG and perpetuates poverty in our country. In 2009, Taiwan donated a miserable $500 to the Children Against Poverty (CAP) bridging program. Last week, the Taiwan Ambassador attended the closing of the CAP 2010 ceremony and donated a miserable $1000 to CAP.

The $500 donation in 2009 and the $1000 donation last week is a slap in the face to our country, because Taiwan creams off hundreds of millions of dollars annually from SVG's deep sea fish licence. Taiwan has been especially insulting by registering all their (approximately 115) fishing vessels that use the SVG fish licence with offshore companies, to avoid paying tax to SVG.

Taiwan has not put one factory in SVG. If they had, this would have helped to eradicating poverty in SVG. The fight against poverty is one of the biggest problems in SVG and Taiwan's presence is a barrier to our progress. A Green government will build a factories in Vermont and Mespo Valley to produce baby food from breadfruit, eddoes and dasheen; also a factory for teabags, fruit juice and canned callaloo for export.

A strong SVG agricultural industry will create a steady stream of revenue for the SVG Treasury and make the rural economy strong. Taiwan's social engineering tactics of giving small donations perpetuates poverty. Together, the ULP and NDP and Taiwan have wasted over 29 years of development potential that could have brought prosperity to our people.

Both the ULP and NDP continue to be in bed, with Taiwan and allow them to take our resources and exploit our country. This is a real cause for concern. How the Taiwanese ambassador can attend the CAP ceremony in person and donate a miserable $500 is beyond belief.

A future without poverty for our children and grandchildren depends upon a strong economy based on exported goods and services. Presently, for every one dollar exported, we import eleven dollars. The negative consequence is a high cost of living in SVG and a massive public debt that is rapidly growing and out of control like a wild fire.

A Green government will cut ties with wicked Taiwan and create ties with China. We will build five factories to fully utilise our agricultural indigenous resources for export. A Green government can and will build a strong and sustainable agricultural industry and re-invigorate the rural economy.

Under a Green government the rural economy will be strong, as the Green government will ensure markets for agricultural produce. The lack of vision by the ULP regime in identifying export markets for agricultural products is a major problem killing the SVG economy.

Vote Green to create jobs and revenue with a sustainable Green economy and help eradicate poverty.

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