Fri 20th Aug 2010

NDP - nothing new to offer the people

On Friday 13th August 2010, the NDP propaganda machine entered the gutter politics arena and put out a false statement on their radio station to the effect that the comrade was funding the SVG Green Party general election campaign.

It is quite apparent from the NDP's serious attack on SVG Green Party that the NDP have little other to offer the Vincentian people. We are entering into the election season and the people want to know how the country will be moved forward. Rather than put forward their ideas and policies, the NDP put out strange false statements.

The more the NDP carry on with false propaganda, the more the people know that they have nothing new to offer. Let's not forget that the people suffered 17 years of NDP government, during which we saw the destruction and closing down of many parts of the industrial sector in SVG. This caused many job losses and weakened the economy. We do not want more job losses.

Our economy is in serious difficulty because of the highly incompetent ULP. The SVG Green Party house to house campaign has revealed that the people are fed up with the ULP and think the weak NDP is not the alternative. The people have a right to know what NDP policies are, but as yet there is only a deafening silence.

Clearly the silence illustrates they have no plan to build a strong and sustainable economy. Their only way forward, like before during their previous disappointing 17 years, is by begging and borrowing from Taiwan.

The complaint from many people spoken to is that the NDP leadership is weak and not pro-active. People feel that the NDP leadership is not capable of getting SVG out of the present serious and deep economic and financial problems. They feel that the weak NDP leadership does not have the ability to create jobs or improve the economy.

The SVG Green Party manifesto has been well received, because the policies are new and innovate and offer the people hope and a prosperous future. Even ULP government ministers having been asking for a Green Party manifesto - in public!

It is vital that after the next general election SVG has a government that is competent in finance and economics. At present, most young people are leaving school and have no job to go to. Household bills are very high and the wicked VAT is pushing many families further into poverty.

We need a strong economy and strong leadership to create jobs and prosperity. SVG Green Party offers new and innovative policies. A Green government will build factories and find markets for agricultural produce and create jobs.

SVG Green Party's intentions are genuine and sincere. We campaign to form government to help the people and improve the standard of living for all who live in SVG. Mindless NDP gutter politics will not deter us. We know the NDP has nothing to offer. In fact, it's hard to think what the NDP have done during the past 10 years in opposition. Come on NDP, if you have any new policies then let us know.

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