Fri 24th Sep 2010

SVG Green Party's good idea of occupying mind and time to curb crime is taken up in Trinidad and Tobago?

In a local radio programme in July 2010, the Leader of SVG Green Party, Ivan O'Neal, said a positive way to curb crime is to occupy the mind and time of unemployed and young people.

On Tuesday 14th September 2010, Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) Minister of National Security stated that the T&T government has adopted a new strategy of occupying the mind and time of young people to curb crime. To that end, the T&T government has started to build police youth clubs all over T&T to actively engage young people into these police clubs.

Ivan O'Neal, who has over 31 years of honourable and distinguished military service as an officer with the British Royal Air Force, knows from his military experience that occupying the mind and time actually does curb crime.

Building police youth clubs is too narrow though and not the answer. It is better to create a specific minister for youth development. The method of success is to change the mindset of individuals and to encourage and promote a higher level of activity by giving young and unemployed people a new vision.

Occupying the mind and time of young and unemployed people by giving them a good education and skills training, will provide opportunities to fulfil their aspirations and ambitions and give them a better lifestyle and a positive attitude to life. Occupying the mind and time points young and unemployed people in the opposite direction to crime.

The philosophy is that when the mind is occupied, it becomes creative and innovative. It is the creativity and innovation that provides self-confidence and discipline and avoidance of crime. People who are occupied and avoiding crime are role models to others. They help others to become active, creative and innovative and avoid crime.

In the long-term, this positive policy curbs crime and helps to create a safer society. SVG has suffered much crime under the ULP regime. Rape, murder and other violent crimes have plagued our country. Too many young people are being exposed to crime and turning to crime as a way to survive.

Young and unemployed people have been failed by the ULP regime. High unemployment and being unoccupied leads to the high crime SVG has at present. This is all caused by the incompetent ULP regime making our economy so weak and fragile.

It is essential that we get a new government to make our economy strong to create an economic environment that will stimulate new jobs and businesses. Young and unemployed people deserve a better future. Their time and mind can only be occupied productively when we have a strong economy and job opportunities.

Occupying the mind and time of young and unemployed people is an SVG Green Party idea. SVG Green Party is the party with the ideas to make SVG and its people prosperous. For a fuller range of our ideas visit our 2010 / 2011 manifesto at

Green is prosperity. Vote Green.

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