Fri 1st Oct 2010

Wind farm electricity - cheap electricity and thousands of jobs under an SVG Green Government

Renewable energy is a major component under an SVG Green Party government. At the moment, our people are unnecessarily paying high bills, because the incompetent ULP regime wants SVG dependent upon oil. Vincentians are being used to prop up the ULP's friend Chavez and fund jobs in Venezuela. Given the social and unemployment problems in SVG, surely this is morally wrong?

Renewable energy is virtually free and provides thousands of jobs. The opening of the Thanet wind farm power project located off the coast of Kent, England, on 23rd September 2010, is the world's largest wind farm. This means Britain now produces more power from offshore wind than the rest of the world put together.

Swedish energy giant, Vattenfall, says the 100 turbines should generate 300 megawatts (MW) of power - enough electricity for up to 240,000 homes. Approximately 3,500 jobs were created by the manufacture, construction and installation of this wind farm.

Research suggests that the UK offshore wind industry could directly provide as many as 34,000 permanent skilled jobs, and another 24,000 jobs in the wider economy. SVG needs a national grid of electricity.

With an SVG wind farm industry of even only 20% the size of this one UK project, renewable energy could provide thousands of jobs and electricity for all SVG homes. Household electricity bills could be reduced to virtually nothing. Areas such as North Windward, North Leeward, Central Leeward and South Leeward are prime areas for wind farm renewable energy production.

The UK windfarm only took two years to construct. Under a Green government, it is possible that VINLEC and high household electricity bills could be phased out in SVG within a very short time. Cheap electricity would stimulate the creation of small businesses and make the SVG economy stronger.

At the next election the people need to make a choice: oil dependency and high bills under either the ULP and NDP OR renewable energy and virtually free electricity under a Green government.

An SVG Green Party government would amend the SVG Fish Act 2001 to create a joint venture deep sea fish industry with China and other nations. The income from this industry will easily provide money to fund an SVG wind farm industry. Also, by imposing tax on Mustique Island, a Green government will create more revenue to create other jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Shifting to a Green economy can hasten SVG's development. According to a new United Nations Environment Programme publication, a 'green economy' is one that 'not only improves human well-being and lessens inequality, but also reduces environmental risks and ecological scarcities'.

The UK wind farm shows that a Green economy offers thousands of highly skilled, highly paid jobs. It will provide Vincentians with money in their pocket and a high standard of living. It will reduce crime in our country and make it a better and safer place to live. Clearly, mass tourism is not the answer.

Green is prosperity. Vote Green for jobs.

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