Fri 5th Nov 2010

A score of 2 out 10 for Gonsalves and NEMO as hurricane Tomas caught them totally unprepared

SVG Green Party prepared for civic duty on Saturday 30th October. With banana farms throughout SVG totally destroyed, there must be 100% claims by all banana farmers for the loss of their crops. SVG Green Party offers to help farmers fill out their claim.

Gonsalves and NEMO were unprepared for the hurricane. They had no plan to deal with a hurricane and the potential consequences. Many people complained to SVG Green Party that the ULP government had not given enough warning. Mobilisation of various government agencies was poor. Road clearing equipment and workers were not pre-positioned. It was incompetence of the highest order.

There was a lack of information bulletins to the nation to keep them up to date with the arrival and impact of the hurricane. Gonsalves showed he is a weak and ineffective PM. We must all thank the Almighty that there was no loss of life.

Communities such as Fancy and Owia had no water or electricity. This is unacceptable. The water tank in Fancy is much too small. The board of directors and management of CWSA appear to be oblivious of the water supply infrastructure problems. A change of management is needed to provide water to households.

SVG Green Party took civic duty seriously and was out Saturday night and Sunday morning clearing debris to help the movement of vehicles. Far too many trees are hanging over the roads and are a serious danger to the public.

SVG Green Party visited areas hit hardest by the hurricane in order to help people. It seems that Eustace took the easy option and stayed at home. Why did Eustace not visit people to help them in their time of distress and need? The NDP warned us they intend to look after themselves.

During the hurricane, several farmers expressed the view that food security will be a serious problem in 2011 as most of the fruit trees have been blown down. Ivan O'Neal highlighted the issue of food security and the fact that SVG imported $198 million in food in 2008 in his independence speech.

Gonsalves has failed to comply with the SVG 1979 Constitution and keep a contingency fund. This has put the whole population at risk: if we do not get emergency aid then people will suffer much hardship and pain from the lack of supplies and financial assistance.

Fifty one per cent of NCB was sold to St. Lucia. SVG Green Party calls on Gonsalves to use this $42 million to help farmers and others who have suffered from damage from hurricane Tomas. All works on Argyle airport should stop and the money should be diverted to help people who have suffered and to update the water infrastructure.

There were 30 foot sea waves at Argyle. The hurricane is a clear warning that the proposed runway will not be functional or appropriate. The CDB and others involved in this Argyle project should take note that the airport may not qualify for an aviation licence for passenger flights.

SVG will not move forward under Gonsalves or Eustace. A Green economy is needed to create sustainable revenue and thousands of new jobs.

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