Fri 10th Dec 2010

The benefits of voting Green

SVG Green Party believes that all Vincentians citizens have a right to an efficient and competent government to provide a lifestyle that gives the people independence, peace of mind and financial security. This will be done through revenue creation and a Green sustainable economy, driven by industries using indigenous resources and an economy based on science and technology.

Imagine how prosperous, safer and happier SVG would be with a Green government. We offer a hassle-free lifestyle of easily accessible health, social and education services. With a people-centred, balanced approach, a Green government will provide modernised hospitals, health centres, schools and our own SVG university.

The world has woken up to the benefits of Green economics, and Greening the economy is now an initiative of United Nations Environment Programme. "We're now on the threshold of a global transformation - the age of Green economics" Ban Ki-Moon (United Nations General Secretary).

ULP policy makers who wrongly assume that tourism is the only engine for our economy are leading SVG further into high levels of poverty, unemployment and long term squalor. It will only get worse under tourism. Wages in a Green economy will be higher, as the value of our output will be higher. SVG Green Party is at the forefront of Green economics and developing solutions to the current 'ULP-regime-created' crisis. We will bring long-term and real prosperity to people and protect and preserve our natural environment.

Under a Green Revolution we would uplift national self esteem and utilise our people's skills to create new products and move away from the dependency culture. We are one of a few countries globally that has a comparative advantage for bulk water sales and a fishing industry. We must cultivate a society of positive thinkers and move to a higher level of intelligent product creation with high added export value.

To bring prosperity to the people, a Green government will revitalise and rejuvenate the SVG economy with innovation and Green economics. We have all suffered under this government that has created a culture of fear and crime, a culture of domestic violence and teenage pregnancy, a culture of unemployment and dependency, and a culture of begging and borrowing. A Green government will:

  • Provide free education from preschool to university;
  • Build our own SVG science university;
  • Provide a pension of $500 per month for life for every man and women from age 60 years;
  • Upgrade the drinking water infrastructure to avoid water shortages and cuts in dry periods;
  • Create thousands of new jobs, including high-tech, high-paid jobs; Phase in renewable energy to provide cheap electricity to businesses and households;
  • Build a fish canning and processing plant;
  • Build factories to export herbal tea, baby food, fruit juices and other foods;
  • Have a special job creation emphasis to help young people get jobs and empower themselves.

A Green government will be results-focused with a can-do spirit. We will be accountable to the people and create a strong economy bringing prosperity and thousands of jobs. Invest your trust in us - we care about your future. Put your 'X' next to the telephone symbol, the symbol of SVG Green Party.

On election day, reach for your dreams - vote Green.

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