Fri 17th Dec 2010

SVG Green Party acknowledges the will of the electorate

SVG Green Party acknowledges the will of the electorate and the choice that has been made: 8 ULP and 7 NDP. We still strongly believe that for the long-term economic sustainability of SVG, Green economics is the best way forward. Due to our strong beliefs, SVG Green Party will not be linking up with any other party as they are philosophically contrary to Green economics.

We wish to thank all people who supported SVG Green Party and we will still pursue the notion of bringing Green economics to SVG.

The whole world over, countries are turning Green, and we believe that it is only a matter of time before SVG will turn Green in order to attain long-term environmental, social, economic and food security, for all the citizens of SVG. Even the UN advocates Green economics as the way forward for a sustainable future.

It is difficult to see a difference between the NDP and ULP, aside from the colour of their t-shirt. They have the same relationship with Taiwan and the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan, allowing tax and customs duties exemptions. SVG Green Party feels that this is unacceptable, because the poor must carry the burden and pay tax.

The people have spoken, but is the 8 to 7 verdict a recipe for economic stagnation? We have already experienced 10 years of the ULP regime and we must wait to see if there will be any improvement in the economy in the future. They promised much over the past 10 years and we question what they have delivered.

To move SVG forward, we need the economy to be managed competently. We also need all our children to get a proper university education, not just the 3 or 4% that presently get the opportunity of university education. If our people do not become educated, then as a nation, we will forever be dependent upon other countries to provide the expertise to solve the problems our country will face.

Philosophically, SVG Green Party believes our economy and society needs to be geared so that Vincentians can get high-paid, secure jobs and become prosperous and be able to be tourists abroad themselves. The NDP and ULP seem to want to structure SVG into a society where Vincentians have low-paid, insecure, seasonable jobs, cleaning up after and serving tourists in SVG. This means our people will have little chance of becoming prosperous.

Unless the economy is strengthened and taxes reduced, we will see a continuation of poverty, low educational attainment, high unemployment, high crime, a high rate of rape, teenage pregnancy and domestic violence, and more and more crown lands being sold off. Mass tourism is not the answer.

The election has produced a significantly weakened ULP government and a third term of NDP opposition. The 8 to 7 combination may well produce stagnation. However, the people have spoken and the majority chosen the ULP regime. Let us see what unfolds in the future.

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