Fri 7th Jan 2011

Iran missiles in Venezuela - will Argyle airport become a trans-shipment point for Iran's missiles

According to press reports, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has agreed to let Iran deploy medium range ballistic missiles in Venezuela. Iran will also construct a military base in Venezuela and have Iranian soldiers there.

Ivan O'Neal, who has over 31 years of honourable and distinguished military service with the British Royal Air Force, told the Vincentian public in 2009 in a television programme, that Argyle airport might be used as a military airbase.

Iran military planes may route from Iran to Venezuela via SVG . SVG could become a military hot-bed with Iranian missiles and soldiers. We all know Iran and Venezuela are helping to fund the Argyle airport.

If SVG becomes a military hot-bed for Iranian missiles and soldiers, SVG would become a focus of US military pre-emptive air strikes and sanctions. If there are military strikes against SVG in retaliation to missiles being placed here, then it is highly likely that there would be civilian casualties.

The US will not be keen on Iranian missiles and soldiers stationed in its backyard. The Cuban missile crisis illustrates clearly the US's resistance to having hostile military near to the USA. Over the coming years, the outlook is not good if the ULP regime continue to pursue more Iranian involvement in SVG national affairs.

Having Iranian missiles and soldiers in or passing through SVG, may provoke US embargoes. A significant amount of imports into SVG come from the US and we would suffer if these were stopped. SVG is already suffering economically and poverty exists throughout our country. It would cause our nation greater hardship to have US sanctions placed upon us.

When Ralph Gonsalves announced the construction of this military project at Argyle in 2005, the cover page of the document handed out to the public, showed highly sophisticated combat military aircrafts refuelling in mid air.

SVG Green Party has stated from day one, that this Argyle airport project, is a threat to our people. It is not a complement to the SVG economy as it could push SVG in to a state of poverty, squalor and military oppression under ALBA, Venezuela and Iran.

It would be wise for SVG to break links with Iran and not be involved in its antagonistic plans against the US. SVG needs to focus on greater economic independence instead, so that we depend upon no country and no country can force demands upon us that would be detrimental to the stability of our society. Links with Venezuela, ALBA and Iran are unwise.

SVG is a peaceful and peace-loving country. We should not be waging war against the US, a country where many Vincentians live. For the safety and security of our country, we should not allow missiles to be placed in SVG, but seek to create a strong economy.

While many countries have embarked upon journeys to make their economies strong and Green, it seems the ULP regime are leading us down a path to dependence and destitution.

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