Fri 15th Jul 2011

No USA military facilities and no nuclear in SVG

SVG is a country of peace and nuclear free. We must stay that way.

It is quite unbelievable that PM Gonsalves announced on SVG TV, on Friday 8 July 2011, that the USA will build military facilities in Canouan and Union Island. Is Gonsalves behaving like a political yo-yo - wagging his tail to the highest bidder?

One minute Gonsalves is with ALBA, next with Iran, and now bending over to accommodate the USA. Can anyone trust Gonsalves? SVG should not be for sale. Gonsalves does not understand the implications of having USA military bases in SVG. One has to be unpatriotic to approve USA military bases in SVG and arrogant to do it without public consultation. PM Gonsalves is out of place - the people must be consulted.

SVG Green Party is demanding a public statement from Gonsalves clarifying whether there will be:

  • nuclear warheads at these US bases;
  • submarines carrying nuclear warheads visiting these US bases;
  • nuclear powered submarines at or visiting these US bases?

SVG Green Party is totally against any foreign military bases in SVG. We must keep SVG as a country of peace, free from nuclear warheads and nuclear powered ships. God forbid but, one nuclear accident in SVG waters, will blight us for life. An SVG Green Party government will close these bases if they are built. SVG could be used as a launching pad for a nuclear first strike.

We do not have our own university, our children are denied free education, the recent CEE results are the worst in years, but instead of helping SVG's children with their precious education, Gonsalves prefers to focus on military bases. Are we being led by a jackass?

When Trinidad and Tobago got independence they forced the USA to remove its military base from Trinidad and Tobago. Gonsalves is turning back the military clock to the 1960s by allowing USA bases in SVG. Is he a traitor to the region?

USA bases will damage the social fabric of SVG. We will see prostitution and SVG's children and women will be vulnerable to sexual harassment, rape, beatings and murder. In 2007, a USA marine was convicted of rape in a Philippines court. The USA exerted diplomatic pressure and had him removed from the country, rather than be placed in the Philippines jail to which the judge had consigned him.

The negative impact of the USA military on Guam (a pacific island) manifested in poor health, radiation exposure and contaminated and toxic sites.

Cancer mortality rates for 2003-2007 showed that Chamorros (Guam's indigenous people) incidence rates of cancer of the mouth and pharynx, nasopharynx, lung and bronchus, cervix, uterus and liver were all higher than USA rates.

On Guam, USA base Andersen has been a source of toxic contamination through dumpsites and leaching of chemicals into the underground aquifer beneath the base. Two dumpsites just outside the base at Urunao contained antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, lead, manganese, dioxin and PCBs.

Paramount Chief Joseph Chatoyer gallantly shed blood for justice in SVG. To build USA military bases, while the majority of our children grow up uneducated, would be a gross injustice. It is affront to our human rights. Say NO to foreign military bases in SVG. Keep SVG nuclear-free.

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