Fri 14th Oct 2011

Paralysed man forced to pay $100 to use an ambulance

A paralysed man from South Leeward spent 8 days in Kingstown hospital recently, because of an on-going health problem. When it was time to leave hospital, due to the extent of his paralysis, he had to be transported back home on a stretcher by ambulance.

However, his wife was told the ambulance will not leave hospital until she paid $100 for the ambulance. She had no choice but to pay as the man could not get into a taxi.

Fellow Vincentians, can you believe how bad this country has become and how cruel the ULP regime is to our people? This man only gets $300 a month in poor relief and the ULP government takes one-third of that for an ambulance journey.

After 11 years of Gonsalves' gross incompetence, the situation is so desperate. Just when you thought the wicked ULP regime could punish the people no more, they find one more way to oppress us. The ULP Cabinet has recently approved charges on ambulance use from hospital. If you are ill and need an ambulance to get home, you must pay.

This is immoral and will cause much pain and suffering to the poor.

We may get to a stage soon whereby if you are knocked down in the street and an ambulance is called, you'll find they will check your wallet before they check your pulse. Can you afford to pay? Or even if you can make it to hospital, you may find they put the stethoscope to your wallet instead of your chest.

The health service is falling apart and is under-funded. When Gonsalves and his family need serious hospital treatment they fly to Cuba. For the poor of SVG, this is not an option. It is a sick mindset whereby a government burdens the poor to support the country and lets the rich live a life of tax-free luxury.

There is a serious shortage of revenue in SVG, but Gonsalves still gives multi-million, blanket tax and customs duty exemptions to the rich of Mustique and Canouan. Tell us Mustique Company, do you enjoy seeing the black people of SVG suffer? Do you enjoy seeing how some people are forced to live in real poverty and squalor? Do you have no conscious or sense of shame about the multi-million tax exemptions you get? How do you sleep at night with so many children in SVG living in poverty and desperation?

And Taiwan, stop leeching billions of dollars from SVG's fish licence. Go home. If you can't afford a one-way plane ticket, then SVG Green Party will pay.

Gonsalves' economic policy of begging and borrowing is not sustainable and is turning SVG into Haiti. There has to be a positive change in our mindset, so that we put the people of SVG first, especially the poor. We need a Green economy to create jobs and prosperity for all.

We need to create revenue for the country so that we have a proper, free national health service. We cannot have people dying or suffering ill health, just because their wallet is empty.

Charging sick people to leave hospital by ambulance is immoral - it must end!

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