Fri 21st Oct 2011

Blood will run

As long ago as 2006, SVG Green Party warned that if the ULP regime didn't change their harsh policies, then blood will run in SVG. They haven't changed - blood is running in SVG.

The ULP regime's economic incompetence has increased poverty in SVG. The increased poverty has lead to an upsurge in violent crime. Almost every week we see murder or violent incident in our country. People are picking up a cutlass and attacking people.

There is so much blood being shed in our neighbourhoods that even a judge has spoken out saying he is fed up with all the cases of choppings being brought before him.

SVG has one of the worst levels of violence against women in the Caribbean and 8 times the world average of rape cases per capita. There have been horrendous incidents of slashings, people having body parts being chopped off and beheadings.

Blood is running in SVG. Maybe the ULP regime see this as a sign of progress?

Much blood has been spilled during the ULP regime's time in office, but they stubborn refuse to change their way. People around the country are saying things are going badly wrong. Crime is rife throughout the country, however, the ULP continue with their tunnel vision of incompetent economics.

The tunnel vision of mass tourism in SVG is not the answer. Changing SVG for the benefit of tourists is not the answer. All the slashing, choppings and murders show that focusing on mass tourism and the airport is not the answer for SVG. We must focus on the needs of our people, not tourists, to stop the blood running in SVG.

The ULP has broken our economy and this is breaking our society.

As with any country, if the powers that be fail to narrow the gap between the poor and the rich, blood will run. With high levels of unemployment, a lot of people are hungry and angry. Far too many boys are dropping out of school and ending up in jail, there is a high teenage pregnancy rate and many families are forced to live in real poverty and squalor.

The economic inequality has been secretly engineered in SVG through immoral legislation passed by the NDP and ULP regimes in the SVG House of Assembly. Structuring the economy to suit the rich is a dangerous game that has led to blood running in SVG.

The protests that are happening now all around the world show that where there is injustice, strife and gross inequality, blood will run. Where you see the rich obscenely hovering up all the wealth and the poor struggle in despair and squalor, blood will run.

There exists in SVG a cocktail of injustices oppressing the poor and perpetuating the poverty and blood running throughout our country. Equality is at the heart of Green economics. We must change the economy to benefit the poor.

To stop blood running, we need to create jobs and urgently bring equality to the tax system so the very rich pay tax too. We must cut the price of light and water bills by 50% and create a revenue base by building a strong, internal, multi-sector Green economy.

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