Fri 28th Oct 2011

NDP and ULP politicians are finance illiterates

It is not surprising that SVG's finances are in an absolute shambles and that our economy is drifting like a ship without a rudder.

Part of the role of being an MP for many politicians in the House of Assembly is to write an annual report about the government spending each year. This exercise is a task of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which is made up of MPs from both government and opposition.

Research has revealed that since SVG independence in 1979, there has been incompetence in our House of Assembly, because the politicians have not been capable of writing a PAC report. From 2001 to 2011 the NDP and ULP only made three attempts to write a PAC report. Their efforts were pitiful and they only managed scribbles which were practically unreadable.

SVG Green Party is very concerned that the IMF, World Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, OECS Central Bank, The European Union, Taiwan Parliament, The European Investment Bank, United States agency for International Development, Kuwait Fund, ALBA and Eugene Francoise De Development have been making grants / loans to SVG, given that politicians in SVG are essentially finance illiterates.

Money lent to SVG has clearly been wasted, because our politicians cannot deal with the finances. Our politicians are illiterates and incapable of doing their job. They are failing our people. The Director of Audit reports from 2001 to 2008 concluded that the accounting systems in a number of the ministries are unsatisfactory. They were given a score of 'unsatisfactory'.

In SVG, we have a weak opposition and a weak government and this has caused our weak economy. The twenty-one member parliament of NDP-ULP politicians is severely challenged and cannot write a PAC report. This is quite shameful and unacceptable. This shows they do not have the ability or strength to move our blessed country forward.

The PAC report allows the electorate to see where taxpayers' money has been spent and is mandated under Section 75 (2) of SVG 1979 Constitution. However, 32 years of non-compliance by our politicians has reflected in little growth, fiscal deficit and public debt raging like a wild fire. The high unemployment and crime rates illustrate a lack of public confidence in the 21 member NDP-ULP House of Assembly.

The current members of the PAC should resign as they are illiterates and not able to provide the people with the service they are entitled to. The longer they stay there, the weaker the economy will become. Taxpayers' money will continue to be wasted if the PAC members are finance illiterates.

An SVG Green Party government will be a safer pair of hands to wisely invest taxpayers' money. With our finance analytical skills, we will be able give the people a better service with government finances. It will not be thrown down the drain in the muddy abyss of Argyle.

Green is the way forward for prosperity.

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