Fri 18th Nov 2011

Gonsalves' guessing and warped policies are breaking up SVG - Gonsalves must resign

The people of SVG have seen that the best of PM Gonsalves has been an economic failure. It seems that everyday Gonsalves is guessing when it comes to managing SVG's economy. His warped policies have left our country broke.

Gonsalves' guessing has been a failure and his economic strategy has been begging and borrowing around the world. The begging bowl is full holes now - Libya's Gadaffi is dead, Malaysia's Badawi is no longer in power, Chen of Taiwan is in jail and Manning of Trinidad and Tobago is no longer in power. Is Gonsalves jinxed?

Many businesses owner have said to the Leader of SVG Green Party, Ivan O'Neal, that they cannot get sales and they are being forced to sack workers and close down. This had led to the increased poverty, squalor, crime and suffering of our people.

Business people say that Gonsalves has got education bad to front: focusing on secondary education is pointless if children do not learn the basics in primary school or leave school at eleven. This strategy is like trying to put a roof on a house before building the walls. It has been a colossal disaster and in 2011 it ruined the educational future of 1016 children and over 56 percent of boys who did not pass the Common Entrance Exams.

All Gonsalves' guessing has led to the SVG economy having a fiscal deficit and a massive public debt. The situation is totally unacceptable; Gonsalves must resign for his gross incompetence and warped policies.

According to the SVG Director of Audit report 2007, on 22nd December 2006, the SVG Parliament passed a law restricting the government overdraft to a maximum of $40 million annually. In 2007, however, Gonsalves' guessing showed more signs of failure and he pushed up the government overdraft at the National Commercial Bank to $170 million. This caused the sale of the NCB.

It is quite clear to all - except for one person perhaps - that guessing and warped policies are no way to run an economy, as it leads to massive public debt, unlawful overdrafts and the unnecessary sale of public assets.

Every day we wake up trying to guess what nonsense policy Gonsalves will come out with next. If Gonsalves had the interest of our country and our people at heart he would step down. His guessing has created frustration throughout the country and embarrassment for SVG around the world.

Rather than the guessing and wasting of taxpayers' money on useless projects, SVG needs a government focused on building a revenue base and creating jobs from Green productive sectors. A Green government will focus on utilising SVG's indigenous resources for agro-processi

ng, exporting fresh drinking water, Atlantic tuna fishing and fish processing for export, renewable energy production and educating the people with our own SVG university.

A Green government will update the economy so it is easier for small businesses to start up and prosper. The people of SVG deserve jobs and prosperity. We must change to a positive new direction.

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