Fri 23rd Dec 2011

2012 Budget Estimates are bogus

The 2012 ULP Budget Estimates is bogus. It shows that Gonsalves is high on hope, but low on financial ability. The ULP regime is in utter shambles and cannot recognise that they are suffering from economic delusion.

Gonsalves' projection of revenue in 2012 of $505 million must surely be a hallucination. With the SVG economy contracting, it is clear that this projection is nonsense. Capital receipts were projected at $288 million. This figure is impossible to achieve with the SVG economy in its present weak state. Perhaps someone on the weed could believe this. The idea of $185 million for capital expenditure is nonsense.

The ULP regime 2012 estimates of revenue and expenditure are bogus. The figures have fallen out from the sky. Ivan O'Neal, a university graduate in finance and Leader of SVG Green Party, believes that the ULP regime is incompetent in finance.

Minister of Finance, Gonsalves is not university graduate in finance. The 2012 budget estimates show that Gonsalves needs to open a window and clear his head: he is completely baffled when it comes to finance. Gonsalves' finance projections are ridiculous and shameful. These false projections and bad economic policies are destroying SVG economy. Gonsalves should resign.

Recent trade statistics show that the SVG economy is in serious trouble with imports and exports contracting. This means the SVG economy will get smaller in 2012 and we will see a rise in unemployment and crime. Gonsalves has virtually killed the banana industry. Revenue from the banana industry for January to September 2011 was only $1.8 million. This is the worst in the history of SVG.

The 2012 Budget Estimates seem to have been put together to mislead and fool the electorate, because they bear little relation to reality. However, everyone can see that these estimates are a fantasy. These figures are an illusion and Gonsalves must have smoke in his eyes if he cannot see this.

PM Gonsalves is utterly hopeless with the management of SVG finances. The finance delirium will only cause more hardship and poverty in SVG. Next year is going to be a tough year and we will quickly see that the 2012 Budget Estimates must have been dreamed up in a smoky haze and they are wrong.

There must be a change in the mindset of policy makers or SVG will be overrun with fear and crime. We cannot rebuild the SVG economy with fictional budget estimates as the foundation. SVG needs a government that is competent in finance and does not hallucinate.

The IMF said SVG is short of revenue. The bleeding of SVG's indigenous resources by the very rich must stop. There is too much pain and suffering of our people. Young people are leaving school and cannot get a job, because the SVG economy is being milked by the rich of Mustique and Taiwan.

We must go forward with Green policies that offer sustainable development and the creation of thousands of jobs. People want a strong economy and a safe living environment. Our country cannot survive with economic delusions. SVG needs revenue and prosperity.

Green economics is prosperity.

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