Fri 24th Aug 2012

Technology is cheap - Taiwan and Venezuela are expensive

Many Vincentians have complained to the Leader of the SVG Green Party, Mr Ivan O'Neal, about the extremely high fuel surcharge which is .5871. For example, if a customer uses 145 units of electricity, the customer will pay $72.50 in charges for actual energy used and a staggering $85.13 for the fuel surcharge. This shows that the fuel surcharge is ridiculously high and outrageous.

It is time to phase in renewable energy in SVG and do away with the wicked fuel surcharge.

The adoption of technology is needed as a vehicle to provide sustainable development in our blessed country. This would be a significantly cheaper option than having Taiwan and Venezuela in our country. Relying on Taiwan and Venezuela is expensive and a major obstacle to sustainable development.

SVG buys oil from Venezuela under the Petro-Caribe agreement. Using modern, Green technology, it would cheaper for SVG to use renewable energy and end the dependency on imported oil. We could be self-sufficient in our energy needs by using renewable energy within five to ten years.

The SVG economy would be stronger and all households would have more disposable income with low-priced electricity. It would be easier for small businesses to start up and survive, as they would have lower overheads. Many highly paid jobs in the renewable energy sector would be created.

More hydro-energy could be produced from the same water, by having a number of turbines running in series for each hydro power station. Wind and solar energy will be built into a national electricity grid system.

If SVG had the technological capability, we could be using our deep sea fish licence to benefit and enrich our people. Compared to the millions we are losing, the technology for deep sea fishing is relatively cheap.

The ULP regime relies upon Taiwan for a few handouts from time to time; in exchange Taiwan creams off hundreds of millions of dollar annually from our deep sea fish licence. SVG would be much better off replacing Taiwan with the cheap technology necessary to do deep sea fishing on our own licence.

This would create many jobs in the deep sea fishing industry and hundreds more jobs in SVG in the factories needed to process and can the fish.

Relying upon Taiwan and Venezuela is turning our country in to an empty shell. The table of trade figures shows the desperate situation with the SVG economy and illustrates that money is cascading out of SVG at a phenomenal rate




Balance of trade













(Source - SVG Statistical office - Researched by Ivan O'Neal BSc(Hons), MSc. MBA)

SVG urgently needs technological advancements to achieve sustainable development and create thousands of new jobs for our people. Relying upon Taiwan and Venezuela is moving us backwards and creating more poverty. One only needs to look around the country to see the suffering of our people.

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