Fri 12th Oct 2012

The value of mathematics and science

SVG has suffered negative economic growth and a big fiscal deficit over the last four years. Under Gonsalves' incompetent leadership, SVG's economy has rapidly gone downhill and now is dangerously weak.

A major problem is that Gonsalves has chosen to waste taxpayers' money on a jail, rather than sensibly invest in mathematics and science by building our own science and technology university. Gonsalves has chosen stagnation over innovation and this is destroying our country and economy.

SVG should invest in mathematics and science. Mathematics is so valuable to a country and can stimulate economic growth, and create new products and thousands of new jobs. Gonsalves' policy of begging and borrowing is killing the SVG economy.

Innovation that leads to increased productivity is seen as the most important way to generate economic wealth and jobs. Without scientific and mathematical discoveries we would not have mobile phones, computers, modern medicine, electrical power, TV or a transport system. The mathematical sciences are a part of our daily life.

Every day, billions of pounds-worth of business is done over the internet, and it has transformed our lives. However, without science and mathematics none of this would be possible.

Google, one of the world's biggest companies, used daily by billions of people, was founded by two maths/computer science PhD students and is based on mathematical ideas that would have been considered very pure and abstract until recently.

Mathematics is very valuable and SVG must invest in educating our children to a high level of mathematics and science. One great idea can bring hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue to SVG. The Belle Isle jail brings no revenue to our country.

It is vital to SVG's future prosperity and security that we focus on research and development; science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education; and policies that encourage innovation. A sound, strong, and forward-looking innovation strategy is crucial to ensure long-term economic growth.

Future innovation requires substantial and sustained investment in STEM education and a commitment to long-term research. Research can result in new products and job opportunities in SVG. Long-term investment in innovation is the path to a brighter economic future.

Science and technology has made the USA strong by creating millions of high-skilled, high-paid jobs and enhancing the American quality of life-longer, healthier, and more productive lives. Science and technology has made the U.S. the world's recognised economic and innovation leader.

In SVG, we must urgently turnaround our education system and give priority to mathematics and science in all of our schools and offer our children the opportunity of science and mathematics in our own SVG university. It is mindboggling that Gonsalves has invested in a jail before a university.

Innovation is built upon research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Fundamental advances in these fields bring new marketable products, enabling technologies and stimulates economic expansion. A trained workforce with strong mathematics and science skills is critical to this process.

SVG Green Party strongly believes that we must use mathematics to build economic growth, jobs and revenue creation, so that we can fully utilise our indigenous resources and the potential of our human capital.

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