Fri 21st Dec 2012

Recession causing unemployment and tough Christmas

Gonsalves' VAT and other taxes are killing the SVG economy, pushing up unemployment and making low-income families suffer. Many poor families cannot make ends meet and have to rely on a few days of road work to survive and put food on the table for Christmas.

The same problem 'high taxes' exists in Japan. The incompetent PM Yoshihiko Noda doubled consumption tax; businesses sales dropped dramatically and unemployment increased. Because of this incompetence, PM Yoshihiko Noda and his government were voted out of office on Sunday 16th December 2012.

The gross incompetent leadership of PM Gonsalves over the past 11 years has caused SVG to suffer a long recession and we need change so that thousands of new jobs can be created.

Gonsalves is not a university graduate in finance and is utterly hopeless in managing the SVG economy. When Gonsalves took office in 2001 public debt was $569 million dollars, but by 2011 public debt had trebled to $1721 million dollars. This has caused high unemployment and massive fiscal deficits from 2005 to 2013.

Gonsalves is a major liability to our country. Gonsalves and the ULP regime talking shop must be voted out of office to give way to highly competent government.

Good planning creates revenue. A Green government will build factories for agro-processing to create products for export. We should be exporting products such as organic tea, organic baby food, organic fruit juices, organic honey, organic dried fruits, organic vacuum-packed vegetables, organic bottled coconut water and numerous other products.

The ULP regime economic madness targets dead products which offer no long-term job creation.

Mr Ivan O'Neal has a Master's degree in Business Administration from Leicester University, England, and a BSc (Hons.) degree in Finance from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England. Mr Ivan O'Neal believes that our country is in a dangerous situation, and on the wrong path for job and wealth creation, and this can cause massive social instability.

The two main drivers to create employment and wealth are high-quality education and an economy with a high number of small businesses.

It is unbelievable that after 33 years of independence SVG does not have a mathematics, science and technology university. The education revolution has been a big failure, and that is part of the reason that SVG has high unemployment, a weak economy and a lot of poverty. Our country must be driven by mathematics, science and technology or else we will be left further behind the rest of the world.

It is the high-quality education that drives innovation and builds a knowledge-based economy. This then creates knowledgeable entrepreneurs, lots of small businesses and thousands of jobs. Gonsalves' strategy of making begging and borrowing the engine of the SVG economy is a big joke and wastes the talents of the people of SVG.

Under a Green Government high-quality education, with a focus on mathematics, science and technology, will be the engine of the SVG economy. There will be no need for the poor and the disadvantaged to rely on road cleaning to survive at Christmas.

Employment will be available all year round.

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