Fri 28th Dec 2012

Looking back at 2012

The year started under a dark cloud: our people were still being oppressed by the Apartheid laws giving Taiwan and the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan tax and customs duty exemptions. It is estimated that SVG loses over $500 million annually from this. Meanwhile, many poor families cannot afford to feed their children or send them to school. Apartheid must end now.

Electricity and water prices increased, and now more than half of a customer's electricity bill is based on what the customer has not used. These increases punish poor families, and no doubt hundreds of households have been cut off from water and electricity this year, as they cannot afford to pay.

The ULP regime celebrated 11 years in office by opening a new jail. This illustrated the 'massa mentally' of the ULP regime, thinking that the best future for SVG's children is jail. During the first five years in office in Singapore, PM Lee Kuan Yew built three universities; Gonsalves in eleven years only managed a jail. No vision.

For the 2012 CEE, roughly 55 per cent of the 1,076 males writing the exams failed and roughly 40 per cent of the 1,043 females failed. Some children scored as low as 5 per cent in some subjects, and the results were so terrible the Minister of Education was too scared to make public the CEE results by individual school. The education revolution is a massive failure.

We noted that between 2001 and 2012, the incompetent ULP regime had wasted over $3 billion. SVG is an empty shell with no university, no factories, no net new creation of jobs, no money circulating, high unemployment, high crime and thousands of people going hungry.

We noted too that SVG farmers are being deprived of $207million. Food imports in to SVG totalling $207 million dollars. This $207 million should be going in to our farmers' pockets. Agriculture is in an utter shambles. We should eat what we grow and grow what we eat.

We found that in the SVG Budget Estimates for 2011, Gonsalves received a massive salary increased from $133,767 in 2010 to $140,453 in 2011, a net increase of $6686. Meanwhile, Gonsalves refused the Public Services Union its 3% increase in wages which was due in January 2011. Hypocrisy rules in SVG.

Still, at the end of 2012, the three teachers who were candidates for the NDP in the General Elections 2010, have not been given their jobs back by the Ministry of Education? This petty division is foolish.

SVG Green Party discovered that the ULP regime are totally confused about the Argyle runway. The new orientation given on a map shows the runway to be rotated anti-clockwise and totally on land, but the runway classification from 02/20 to 04/22 is a clockwise rotation. There seems to be as much science involved in Argyle as throwing darts in a dartboard whilst blindfolded.

The 2013 Budget Estimates shows that our country will be worse off in 2013 than in 2012, as the fiscal deficit will go from $103 million in 2012 to $114 million in 2013. This means in 2013, Gonsalves expects to spend $114 million more than he expects to have in income.

The 2010 Budget Estimates revenue was overstated by approximately $429m, for 2011 by about $386m and 2012 by about $323m. It seems that the recent 2013 Budget Estimates were overstated by about $300m. This shows that the SVG economy contracted quite sharply in 2012.

In summary, 2012 has been one of the worst years in our history, especially for the poor. SVG must go Green for prosperity.

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