Fri 12th Jul 2013

Mustique bloodsuckers killing the future of our young people

Since taking office in 2001, Gonsalves has done little to help young people in SVG. At present, we have a very high level of youth unemployment and Gonsalves' gift to them was a useless jail.

In building the Belle Isle jail, Gonsalves condemns young people's future to the bin. In one fell swoop, Gonsalves kills young people's dreams and illustrates that the ULP regime does not care about young people's future.

The super-rich bloodsuckers of Mustique and Canouan are given multi-million dollar tax and customs duty exemptions to import private jets, yachts and build luxury mansions. These exemptions are killing the future of our young people.

It is difficult for young people feel optimistic about their future with Gonsalves as PM. For their sake, he should resign.

Under Gonsalves, young people face a bleak future. His financial ineptitude has broken the SVG economy and now there are no jobs for our young people. Gonsalves' choosing not to invest in young people, but allowing Mustique tax exemptions, is not just failing this generation of young people, but future generations too.

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says 'failing to invest in our youth is a false economy. Conversely, investing in young people will pay great dividends for all'. He says 'we must do more for our young people. They are the leaders of tomorrow'.

A Green government will invest heavily in SVG's youth. Their dreams, creativity and skills will be the foundation of SVG's economy tomorrow, which is why we must invest in them today.

A Green government will provide a world-class education system and a free science and technology university for our young people. We will invest also in providing highly-skilled vocational training.

According to The Economist magazine, people who left school at the earliest opportunity are twice as likely to be unemployed as university graduates.

It says that, what matters is not just number of years of education people get, but its content. This means expanding the study of science and technology and closing the gap between the world of education and the world of work for example by upgrading vocational and technical education and by forging closer relations between companies and schools.

Germany's long-established system of vocational schooling and apprenticeships does just that. Other countries are following suit: South Korea has introduced 'meister' schools, Singapore has boosted technical colleges, and Britain is expanding apprenticeships and trying to improve technical education.

The apartheid and freeloading by Taiwan, Mustique and Canouan must end so we can invest in our young people. They owe billions of dollars to the SVG Treasury and this will be paid under a Green government.

A Green government will end the blood sucking by the super-rich in Mustique and Canouan, by abolishing the Mustique Act and the Canouan Act. These parasites are like vultures, picking the bones of the carcases of young people's dreams that have been killed by Gonsalves.

Under a Green government, innovation will drive the SVG economy, on a foundation of renewable energy and free wireless internet in every home and business in SVG. Young people should choose Green for a brighter future.

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