Fri 9th Aug 2013

Abolish apartheid and stop the blood running in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

It was reported on SVG TV 7pm news on Friday 2 August 2013, that a man was killed by his brother in South Rivers, on 2 August 2013, fighting about food. This illustrates what a desperate state our country is in.

The apartheid laws and regime in SVG are mashing up our society. It is obscene that the super-rich whites in Mustique and Canouan get blanket tax and customs duty exemptions, whilst poor black Vincentians struggle to survive. The apartheid is causing blood to run in SVG.

Enough is enough. The super-rich parasitic whites in Mustique and Canouan must be deported from SVG for practising apartheid in SVG. These parasites are fully aware that they are abusing our people and bleeding our country dry. All of them must be deported from SVG now.

Gonsalves' apartheid regime is immoral, and it is unconstitutional, in that, the SVG 1979 Constitution strictly prohibits discrimination. Apartheid is choking black Vincentians to within an inch of their life, causing much pain and suffering.

Rather than talk about reparation, we should be talking about repatriation. The apartheid abusers of Mustique and Canouan should be repatriated back to their own country immediately, to help stop blood running in SVG.

Many poor people in SVG are unemployed and have no electricity and water in their house, and many children go to bed hungry. Unskilled workers in SVG earn as little as EC$ 600 a month, yet Mustique charges up to EC$ 135,000 a week for their villas and pays no tax. This is obscene. This apartheid must be abolished now to stop blood running. See

According to Mustique's website, 'Our 74 rental properties make up the most varied imaginative and impressive collection of luxury villas in the world. All have extraordinary views and come with a dedicated staff (including a cook, maid and gardener), transportation, at least one swimming pool, Internet access, TVs and other modern conveniences. Some have private spas, screening rooms and tennis courts. One even has a golf course'.

Meanwhile, our people are fighting each other about food and suffering in poverty. The contrast is disgusting.

On 2 December 1968, The United Nations General Assembly requested all States and organisations to suspend cultural, educational, sporting and other exchanges with the racist regime and with organisations or institutions in South Africa which practise apartheid.

SVG Green Party calls on all States and organisations to suspend cultural, educational, sporting and other exchanges with the apartheid regimes of Mustique and Canouan, because they practise apartheid. We will write to the UN and request sanctions against Mustique and Canouan and embargoes to stop them trading.

It is horrific that black Vincentians struggle to live under this apartheid regime of high unemployment and poverty, being pushed to the point of killing about food, while the super-rich whites are granted tax and customs duty exemptions to import into SVG private jets, expensive yachts, and all needed to build multi-million dollar mansions.

The apartheid must be abolished immediately and we must deport the super-rich parasites of Mustique and Canouan for practising apartheid in SVG. We must stop blood running.

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