Fri 16th Aug 2013

Scrounging Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou 'go home and stop milking SVG'

SVG's economy has crumbled after 32 years of Taiwan's continuous scrounging from our economy. Taiwan creams-off billions of dollars a year on SVG's deep sea fish licence. Meanwhile, SVG is suffering with an economy on the verge of collapse and high unemployment.

SVG must urgently cut ties with Taiwan and open ties with China. The message to the scrounging Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou is 'go home and stop milking SVG'.

SVG's relationship with Taiwan has been bad for Vincentians, but good for the parasites, Taiwan. Taiwan is a very rich country. According to the CIA World fact book, Taiwan has reserves of foreign exchange and gold amounting to US$408.5 billion; the seventh highest in the world. Unemployment in Taiwan is only 4.2%, whereas in SVG it's more like 50%.

According to, Taiwan was home to 312,000 millionaire (US dollars) households in 2012. They rank 8th highest in the world, with 4% of households being millionaire households. On top of that, according to, Taiwan also has 34 billionaires (US dollars) in 2012.

Where do you think SVG ranks on the millionaire list? The contrast is vile and immoral.

After 32 years of Taiwan abusing our people, one has to ask 'has the dream come true for our people?' No, certainly not. Looking around at all the poverty and squalor in SVG, it's easy to see that our people are suffering and Taiwan is not our friend.

Taiwan imported US$268.8 billion in goods in 2012, but none of that was from SVG. We can do without Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou's insincere smile. After 32 years in SVG, Taiwan has not built one factory in SVG to help stimulate economic growth and create jobs.

SVG has children going to bed hungry and poor families living in poverty in 'lean-to' shelters, but Taiwan cares little. They continue to skin us and cream-off billions of dollars a year on our deep sea fish licence, regardless of how many Vincentians are suffering. This exploitation is killing our children's future.

According to, last year Ma Ying-jeou's declared a personal wealth of just over 77 million Taiwanese dollars (TWP). Even though Ma Ying-jeou's monthly salary is 470,000 TWP, he deposited monthly savings last year of 480,000 TWP.

The Taiwanese public are angry and asking questions about Ma Ying-jeou's massive personal finances.

With an all-time low approval rate of just 15% in Taiwan, President Ma Ying-jeou's may be hoping for better abroad. However, he'll find few friends in SVG after Taiwan has been abusing our people for so long.

SVG must take back its deep sea fish licence from Taiwan, and operate a tuna fishing and fish processing industry ourselves, to create thousands of new jobs and surplus revenue to invest in science and technology universities and renewable energy.

SVG must get rid of Taiwan and welcome China instead. The Taiwan parasites should go home - thirty two years of scrounging in SVG is enough. President Ma Ying-jeou go home.

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