Wed 27th Dec 2006


The ULP regime plagiarises the SVG Green Party 2005 manifesto again. Plagiarism seems to be a reoccurring theme for the ULP regime, thus showing that even they are not convinced about the value of their own 2005 manifesto. Just over a year into their second term and their own ideas seem to have dried up.

In the SVG 2007 Budget Address, page 44, Mr Gonsalves states that the ULP regime is 'exploring the feasibility of installing up to 7.2 megawatts of wind-generated electricity in the area of Ribishi Point'.

The visionary SVG Green Party 2005 manifesto, page 35, sets outs an agenda on the implementation of renewable energy in the whole of SVG as a better source of electricity production. Renewable energy is long-lasting and free. The Green Party pointed out SVG's need to reduce its dependency on oil as it is expensive and people are already paying far too much for their electricity.

The incompetent ULP regime did not even have the foresight in 2005 to put renewable energy in its 2005 manifesto. Their energy policy, page 63, and focuses oil, oil, and OIL. The PETRO CARIBE agreement would offset payment of energy to sometime in the future and would burden unborn generations with the debt of today's ULP regime's economic inability.

SVG Green Party hand delivered a copy of its manifesto to Mr Gonsalves office in 2005. SVG Green Party has concerns though at the piecemeal approach of the ULP regime's implementation of the Green Party 2005 manifesto. The whole Green Party 2005 manifesto is a synergistic entity in itself. If you take the simile of a plane engine, if you only use part of the engine your plane won't fly. If you implement the whole manifesto at the same time then your engine runs smoothly; the SVG economy flourishes and grows.

For the ULP regime to partly produce renewable energy and half-heartedly bring a university to SVG is lacking in vision. The ULP regime does not have the knowledge to fully interpret the blueprint for the nation as set out in the Green Party 2005 manifesto and this shows a clear weakness in the ULP regime's understanding of modern macro-economics. That knowledge is crucial to the intricacies of sustainable development for SVG in today's global world. The ULP regime's strategy for economic development in SVG is a big failure. The regime lacks revenue creation ability and this is so vital to ensuring that revenue available exceeds expenditure. Common sense!


Ivan O'Neal BSc(Hons), MSc, MBA, Leader and Co-founder of SVG Green Party

cc: Hon. Minister of Finance
Hon. Leader of the NDP
President of SVG Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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