Fri 20th Sep 2013

Young people and small business development

The United Nations has said supporting young entrepreneurs is essential to tackling the world's most pressing challenges. The UN says that young people 'are often best placed to take the first crucial steps towards breaking the cycle of poverty in their surroundings'.

The UN sentiments echo what SVG Green Party has been saying about creating a Green economy in SVG, and making small businesses and innovation the beating heart of a strong SVG economy.

A Green Government will focus on helping young people develop small businesses and help them see that, in this time of massive youth unemployment, taking matters in to their own hands and creating their own business, may be their best route to prosperity.

A Green Government will identify the challenges faced by young business start-ups and provide an environment for small business growth, by cutting operating costs and overheads - including cutting the price of electricity for business start-ups.

Young people can have no faith in the incompetent ULP regime. After 33 years of independence, we find our country wallowing in self-pity and turning again to begging. The call for reparation, rather than innovation and quality education, will see our country become more destitute in the next few years.

SVG has shamefully built a new jail and not a university, and this contributes nothing to the prosperity of our young people. As the UN says, we must foster enabling business environments to help achieve sustainable development.

Under a Green Government, part of the catalyst for successful innovation and small business development will be an economic and social transformation, and the introduction under a Green Government of free wireless internet access to everyone in SVG. A Green government will provide credit schemes to small business start-ups

The Ethiopian government is encouraging young people to start small businesses in order to reduce the rate of youth unemployment, officially estimated at more than 50%. With 90 million people, the country is the second most populous in Africa, producing over 150,000 graduates each year. They have their own universities!

Young Ethiopians who want to become entrepreneurs are encouraged to organize themselves in groups in order to access microfinance. They are then trained by the state-run Federal Micro and Small Enterprises Development Agency in business start-up and management skills. The agency also gives financial support to youth starting small and medium-size enterprises in areas such as textiles, leather, agriculture, trading, wood and steel.

This illustrates what SVG Green Party has been advocating. SVG must focus on educating our children and give them free internet. The education will help them get the skills they need to run their own business and free internet will expose them to ideas and innovations happening all over the world. The more examples of innovation our children see, the easier it will become for them to innovate.

At the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, countries recognised that governments alone would not be able to achieve all commitments on sustainable development, and that the contribution of the private sector was crucial to innovation.

Reviving the SVG economy and providing quality jobs is vital. We must stop selling-off our land to foreigners and focus on our young people and small business development.

SVG Green Party

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