Fri 11th Oct 2013

ULP regime allowing our people to be poisoned

SVG Green Party is deeply concerned that our people are being poisoned by the pollution from burning tyres.

Most weeks, truck-loads of tyres are taken to the Rabacca area and burned. It is very worrying seeing the black and dirty smoke being blown into our drinking water catchment areas and all over the homes in the area and beyond.

Burning tyres releases a toxic soup of hundreds of pollutants. There is over 7 litres of petroleum and oil in one tyre, and numerous chemicals including chlorine, styrene, butadiene and more than 20 different heavy metals.

Styrene and butadiene are both suspected of causing cancer, the extender oils contain carcinogenic benzene derivatives and the metals like lead, chromium, cadmium and mercury, are released into the atmosphere as fragment ash.
Dioxin released into the air can travel long distances before settling onto the soil, water, plants and animals, miles away from the fire's source. Dioxin accumulates in our fatty tissues when we consume contaminated water, vegetation, meats and dairy products. 
Lead poisoning destroys human nervous systems, can cause retardation, learning difficulties, bone marrow deficiencies and stunted growth in children.

Zinc can cause birth defects; chromium and arsenic causes cancer. Inhaling zinc oxide particles can cause inflammation in the lungs and lung disease. Asthmatics would be at particular risk from zinc exposure. There is also evidence of foetal damage from zinc exposure. Children are especially at risk.
The benzene, once inhaled, ingested or touched, can lead to dizziness, headache, nausea, weakness, drowsiness, respiratory irritation, pulmonary oedema, pneumonia and skin, eyes and mucous membrane irritation.
The incompetent ULP regime is allowing our people to be poisoned and our drinking water to be seriously polluted from burning tyres. The ULP regime have been hopeless and neglected this serious health issue.

The burning of tyres is madness in two ways: firstly, our people and water are being poisoned; and secondly, recycling the waste tyres could be a multi-million dollar industry for our country and create hundreds of jobs. The lack of vision and intelligence within the ULP regime means our people are being poisoned and impoverished simultaneously by these burning tyres.

We can use this rubber to build roads. One of the busiest roads in Scotland was resurfaced last year with asphalt containing shredded rubber from old tyres. Experts claim that rubber roads require less maintenance and last longer.
Rubber roads were first built in the 1960s in the USA, where today there are over 20,000 miles of road made of recycled tyres. Rubber roads are also popular in China, Brazil, Spain and Germany.

The ULP philosophy of begging abroad for loans to run our economy is senseless, as we have many resources at home. The ULP regime do not have the vision to use these resources to bring jobs and prosperity to our people.
Recycled tyres can also be used to make items such as chairs, tables, roof tiles, belts, hats, handbags, children's swings, footwear, baskets, artwork to sell, jewellery and flooring. There is an opportunity here for lots of small businesses to be set up to export these types of products. This can create millions for our people and bring lots of jobs.
Burning old tyres is like burning money, but it's worse: the burning tyres are poisoning our people and polluting our drinking water.

SVG Green Party

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